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Tablets vs Textbooks

For ages, people have relied on books as a primary source of information and knowledge. However, modern technologies have enabled humanity to use tablets that have a number of benefits. Both textbooks and tablets have their advantages and it is the reader’s right to decide which one to use and which one is more suitable. However, technology, tablets in particular, makes education and teaching process easier and more interesting.

Opponents of tablets provide the evidence that they are expensive and distract students from learning. In addition, tablets often require time and increased costs to be fixed in case of breakage. Furthermore, tablets require Wi-Fi networks to operate and become outdated quickly. They may cause headache, eyestrain, and vision problems. There is an idea that manufacturing of tablets is destructive for the environment and human health. Moreover, these devices need regular charging hence increase electricity consumption. In case of breakage, it is necessary to apply to a special service center to have the device fixed, while a textbook can be repaired only with the help of tape and glue.

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There are many reasons why tablets are harmful and should not be used in schools. However, the benefits of theses devices over the textbook are numerous, and they outweigh the drawbacks substantially (Ryne, n.d.). Proponents of tablets claim that the benefits of the gadgets are proved by students and teachers who provide the evidence of the improved test scores. In addition, tablets increase students’ creativity, interactivity and help save costs.

Tablets save paper and may be quickly updated with the newest information. In addition, thousands of books and papers can be stored on one tablet. There is no need for printed books in the modern digital era. It is also believed that tablets promote better understanding of information and increased productivity. Modern devices make students more interested in learning as they may serve as an additional stimulus for doing homework and assignments. People who own tablets tend to read books more often than those who buy print books.

According to the US Department of Education and studies by the National Training and Simulation Association (2012), tables enable students to learn more material in a shorter period of time. It was emphasized that instructions based on technology make it significantly easier for students to reach the learning objectives (as cited in Ryne, n.d.).

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More and more often, technological devices are closely associated with a number of health problems. It is also believed that people who read print books have a better ability to comprehend and learn than those who prefer reading digital texts. Crow (2012) asserts that the brain interprets digital and printed texts in different ways, and digital texts tend to be read almost 30% slower than the printed ones. In addition, digital texts decrease information retaining, lower the ability to store, process, and translate material into knowledge. One of the main advantages of tablets is that they provide an opportunity to edit the text, make notes and corrections without ruining it for the next reader. Tablets help student gain technology skills and make them prepared to pursue future careers.

Tablets provide an opportunity to reduce the need for paper helping humanity save trees and the environment. It is also a possibility to save money spent on ink, printers and their repairs. The fact that a tablet can store a lot of books is extremely beneficial to students who have to carry many textbooks for all classes. A tablet weighs about one or two pounds and it is not harmful for a student to carry it.

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Despite the fact that many books are still unavailable online, they represent a new generation that is constantly developing and improving. Tablets may be updated instantly and give access to information, enhancing educational process and helping teachers to provide material to students. Files from one tablet may be downloaded onto another one saving time and money and creating increased flexibility and convenience for all users. Some tablet applications help people improve their motor skills. In addition, tablets help users store information on servers and get access to it on any device. The only thing that is needed to get information is to sign into an account.

Thus, digital learning is what is needed in the modern society. Tablets are fast becoming the new trend not only in the workplaces but also at schools around the globe. There has been an ongoing debate concerning the benefits and drawbacks of tablets and the key differences between a tablet and a textbook. Technology advancement has caused fundamental changes in the way people work, learn, get information, and spend their leisure.

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Implementation of modern technologies in the process of teaching and learning has resulted in the fact that many schools consider getting rid of textbooks and switching to digital learning. Tablets have changed the role of a teacher. A school is not considered as the only source of knowledge as a student can get access to it anywhere. Digital learning implies easy access to a vast amount of information, and the teacher’s task is to help students discern good information, analyse contradictory data, and evaluate its accuracy.