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IBM has grown to be the market leader in very volatile market in which very special strategic management strategies and techniques are needed survive the computing industry. Continuous growth has been achieved as a result of: One, continuously developing new products for its customer. This has helped it survive in the most dynamic market in the world which is characterized by continuous improvement of the products by the developers. Thus IBM has considerably in increased its’ market share even to the geographical areas it had not penetrated earlier through application of these strategy. Secondly, IBM built a heavy skilled human manpower which essential to prosperity in any business. The talent bank that it built helped the company to venture into new opportunities which included continuous innovation and improving their earlier products to the customer expectation.

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It also developed good customers’ relation thus gaining loyalty from existing customers. Having gained loyalty from existing customers this made planning easier and more accurate thus streamlining its business operations. They also conducted intensive market research so that they could meet customer expectation with lowest operational cost possible. In the software industry product differentiation is inevitable this because products have to be unique so to clearly distinguish it from the rest and prevent it from development of counterfeits. Small firms have to embrace the concept product differentiation so that can be unique.

IBM used reconstruction as technique in strategically managing its’ operations. It redefine all it business process so to conform to the modern practices, so that could thrive in a market where the prices declined constantly thus posing a threat to its’ future earnings and cutting down operational cost by laying workers and only retaining those were key to the business was the best option as a business which is able to produce at lower it gains competitive advantages over the competitor.

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IBM, also embarked on diversifying its’ products (business ventures) from mainframe hardware so to increase its’ capacity in revenue generation. This has helped it the IBM to counter the increasing competition from the rivals firms which one of the market forces it faces and which can threaten it future share in the market. In conclusion IBM utilizes a wide range of strategies which include, customers’ satisfaction, development of new products, built strong customer relation, reconstruction among others mentioned above. This if timely adopted by any firm can help firm to grow.