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Discussion: Poems

1. In my opinion, the lyrical voice in the poems of R. Frost belongs to a man in early 40s. This is a man who has some life experience and wisdom gained throughout the life’s highs and lows. I imagine his house to be wooden and bright. It is situated somewhere in the forest, as the narrator frequently mentions about different trees and plants. On the other hand, it can be a garden, where fruit trees grow. Through his expressions, the narrator speaks about deep philosophic themes and pays special attention to different details, such as the spider’s net, ripe apples, color of flowers and other things. I think the narrator is used to living in the nature and noticing all the changes in plants and animals.

2. The poem “Design” describes the natural interdependence between the life and death. One creature (moth) is dying to provide food and, thus, life for a stronger one (a spider). At first glance, it looks like a moth can get to great heights due to its ability to fly. However, it does not protect it from the spider’s net. The author states that the evil is a part of the universe and divine creation as well. In my opinion, the analogy with the poetry creation can be found in the fact that both nature and writing combines beauty and ugliness, highs and lows, good and evil, life and death. It is impossible to reach one result without sacrificing something else.

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In the poem “Roads Not Taken”, the readers can see the analogy with reading. One can choose a well-known and discovered way and follow it throughout the life. However, there is also an opportunity to choose a new way and discover it independently. The same is true in relation to new readings and literary works.

3. R. Frost refers to modernization in his poem “Roads not Taken”. He addresses the question of the new world, which raises many other questions and gives few answers. The people can make many decisions and choose different roads, but they lack the sufficient confidence and enthusiasm to do anything. The modernization is rather a negative term as it points to the human weakness and inability to accept simple things and find the valid solutions.

On the contrary, modernity is viewed as a period of history, which is inevitable and essential. According to R. Frost, modernity lacks the connection with nature and capacity to enjoy the surroundings.

4. The poems of C. Sandburg convey a gloomy and solemn atmosphere, ironically describe the drawbacks of the contemporary society and address some dark sides of human life. I think all of his poems speak about the death as the essential part of life, doubtful value of wealth, temporary pleasures of life and general decline of human morality. The poem “Chicago” focuses on the description of a city as a living being. It is viewed as an individual organism, which lives, develops and changes. I think this feature makes the poem unique and special.

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5. I believe the realities of the 21st century call for mentioning the class of managers, executives, promoters, advertisement agents and other managerial positions with those holding them being obsessed with the profits and reputation of their goods and services. To a great extent, these people represent the contemporary values and attitudes to life. When speaking about the emotions and general impressions, I would add the description of political powerlessness, economic instability and relative character of democracy. I suppose these features are typical for the global society. In Sandburg’s “Chicago”, many characteristics address the global communities as well. In my opinion, the exclusively Chicagoan features include the facts about the gunmen, killers, great smoke and dust. They witness the industrial development of the city, as well as the diversity of its inhabitants.

6. “Graceland” tells about the relations between death and wealth. It states that money has no value and sense for the dead men. The poem is rather ironical, radical and sharp in its judgements. The images of the dead multi-millionaires do not evoke any sympathy or compassion. A completely different situation is observed in the “Cool Tombs”. Here, the author speaks about the death and love, death and honor, death and heroes. He claims that the death makes everyone equal and blurs the lines between the love and hate, courage and fear, good and evil. This poem appeals to the readers’ emotions as it provides the bright images from the literature and history. Finally, “The Grass” discusses the concept of death from the point of view of grass. It shows that each tomb is covered with grass despite the importance of the person buried or the relics of the past. The appearance of grass symbolizes some kind of optimism and new hope.

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7. In the poem, the author compares a woman and water. In his interpretation, the water represents being that is deprived of any emotions or soul. On the contrary, a woman symbolizes the genuine spirit, soul and true feelings. Her song is not a mere combination of waves, wind and other factors, but the reflection of the immortal soul and its worries. For the narrator, the song represents a living being, its ability to live, feel and experience the reality. Moreover, it is a symbol of safety, security, life and new hope.

8. In the contemporary version, the image of death appears gradually and slowly. The author starts with the other topics and details and then moves to the discussion of the major subject. However, the original edition began with mentioning the death, from the second stanza. I think such an order of stanzas creates a corresponding oppressive atmosphere and influence on the readers, and prepares them for the further details. However, the modern version seems more logical and balanced.