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Bigots in the Society

Interracial marriages, relationships and even sex have always been controversial issues in the society. This form of marriage occurs when sexual, intimate or close relationship exists between two people from different races. Over time, these kinds of inclinations have always faced hitches. Most people in the past promoted the ideology that sex, marriage and relationships existing among people from different racial backgrounds are a taboo. This situation was clearly exhibited in a country such as Germany, during the time of Nazis. Individuals were inclined to the idea that people of a different race could not even associate. Those beliefs and laws made it impossible for such kinds of relationships to exist. In the United States of America, that law came to pass in the state called Maryland. This happened between the years 1664 and 1700. Black people, Asians, and all the minority races could not associate in any kind of way with the white people majority. This study aims at discussing racial discrimination still as an issue in the 21st century.

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Clyde Johns, a 72-year-old man, lives in the suburbs of the state of Virginia, he is a man of that caliber. He never thought that people of color deserve to walk the earth as white people do. All his life, Clyde believed that black people, Hispanic, Asians and the rest are not supposed to walk in the same streets as the whites. In addition, they were not allowed to dine in the same room, or even worship in the same vicinity[1].

In the past, racial discrimination has always been a problem in the U. S. The negativity instilled in the minds of people long time ago managed to stick in their brains. All this controlled the way people thought, interacted and made decisions. Parents carried all those beliefs down to their children. Clyde Johns always believed that it was wrong to relate with anyone from a different race.

In the year 1958, Mildred Jetter and Richard Loving got married though they came from different races. The marriage took place in Columbia district in the United States. They went back to the state of Virginia after their union. They settled down in Caroline country. In October that year, the circuit court of the state they had settled in charged the couple on violation of the ban made by the state of Virginia[2]. The couple had gone against the ban of marriage between persons of different racial origin. The Lovings had no choice but to accept the charges. The jury went ahead to throw them to jail for a period of one year. Some changes were made in the verdict by a judge. The case got a suspension for a long amount of time, but only if Mr. Loving and his black wife pack and flee, Virginia. The honorable judge thought that God created people in different colors. He did that and went further to put them in different geographical environments. For that reason, therefore, no one could defy His Almighty’s wishes and cohabitate with people from different racial backgrounds. He further claimed that God would never have made that kind of geographical and even color separation if He intended for those people to coexist[3].

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Clyde took up that belief from the ruling. He supported the fact that God did not wish for the people to mix because he separated them. It is easy for Clyde to stick to his belief that different race marriages and relationships are a taboo. Especially since the judge used God’s work as a point of argument. The honorable judge was a respectable member of that community and so Clyde readily inclined himself to the idea that God did not support the aspect that different races could get intimate. Events, characters and impressions tend to stick in the mind.

Clyde made it a habit to attend weddings of people from different racial backgrounds. The only reason he attended the weddings was to stop them. He would storm into the churches, head straight to the pulpit and make it clear to everyone that he and his God detested the union. Out of respect for senior members of the community, people ignored him. No legal actions were taken against Mr. Johns.

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Even though the laws have changed in the present day, racial discrimination still has roots deep into some people. Ignorance, primitivism and lack of open minds still drive people towards that kind of discrimination. Ignorant members of the society, especially white people, refuse to understand the bottom line[4]: people with color are human beings just like they are. These individuals lack the urge to shun away their ancient beliefs and practices because they believe that their forefathers were always right. Some of the racists were psychologically tortured and manipulated just to live and abide by the rules[5]. Most of the people who discriminate are old and therefore still live by the old rules that encouraged discrimination and segregation. They were forced to understand that it was wrong to mix with people from different races for any reason.

In conclusion, this essay managed to answer the questions why racial alienation is still an issue. Should it pass as a problem at this age and time? Should the world do away with the oppressors? To some degree, it may not be their fault living in the days when the rule of the white man applied no matter the cost. Even the rational people had no choice but to play by the rules. They were born and found the rules existing and so they had to play by them. Interracial discrimination still exists. Most of the oppressors are not to be blamed or judged on how they think or feel. Morality must be upheld. Tolerance and acceptance must be shown to such kinds of people. Hate cannot be destroyed by hate. Exhibiting acceptance and understanding helps in curbing it.