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Coca-Cola BlāK Marketing Strategy in China


The product success, in addition to other essentials, will be appealing. The product was never presented appropriately in North America. It looked dull and was not fascinating for a customer’s eye (Rein, 2009). There should be something about the product presented to move buyers. It must make them unable to resist making repeat purchases. To gain buyers’ popularity, Coca cola BlāK will have to be packed in bottles that are attractively colourful. The colours have to be those loved by the larger part of the enormous Chinese market. The Chinese, like any other race, would want to get initially associated with the brands that are charming to look at. The bottles will bear resemblance to the shape of the things the Chines admire, such as dragons and horses. This strategy will ascertain that many consumers will want to purchase the product so that they both drink it and place the bottles at home for use or other purposes. The younger generation will also assume that taking the product will make them more energetic and generally strong like these legendary creatures portrayed in the Chinese films (Olivier, 2013). This technique uses the concept of the mind which bears the ability to control emotions much connected to consumer behaviour. The sensitized customer keeps the mental image of the dragon in their mind. They then go on thinking about the brand positively and automatically become loyal customers.

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Numerous organizations have shifted their attention to making products that have much consideration about the consumer health. Huiyuan Juice, for instance, is a leading organization that is mindful of customer physical wellbeing. The enterprise has a brand image that is moving masses. Coca Cola BlāK will make the product such that takes care of the consumer basic needs such as being youngish, vigorous, and popular so that it can beat such competitors. Currently, China is polluted and the young persons between twenty-two and thirty-three will pay extra twenty percent to buy from brands that offer products that boost their health (Cendrowski, 2014). The young generation consumer market will be captured when the Coca Cola BlāK will storm China and present this brand that is not only attractive to behold, but also taking care of the health of the consumers.

The company will use the slogan: Be young, energetic, and fun. This is a technique that will influence the young persons and not only to have faith that taking the brand will keep them young, make them stronger, and the fun will become inevitable. Consumers will make repeat purchases of products they feel associated with. This theme will make them feel the owners of the brand. The company will move the young persons as they will have a feeling that the company has recognized them. The Chinese market has a giant consumer market of the young, the highest is on earth. The theme will remind the older citizens of enjoying their youthful days rather than sitting and waiting for ageing.


The introduction of Coca cola BlāK in the new market in China will see the promotion like the one never seen elsewhere. The consumers will be made to comprehend its presence through every possible channel. The company has understanding that there are popular brands such as Huiyuan Juice that are already advancing into the huge market every day. Thus, promotion will take a big budget to have the effect that is desired. Advertisement, for instance, will be intensive. The local televisions and radio stations will play a vital role in this process. Adverts, one after another, will reach the locals. The biggest population on earth means also the biggest number of television viewers. This channel will be very helpful in reaching the clientele. Billboards have become crucial tools for advertising. Companies have used them for long. The enterprise will create pictures and the company logo and display them to the public. The colourful pictures will be placed in all corners of major cities and highways. The images will portray love, fun, celebration, satisfaction, and greatness. Every human being loves fantastic things. The comprehension of this fact aids to move population via billboard images that make current, as well as potential buyers encouraged to buy. They want to experience what they visualize on the billboards. Billboards have the power to position the brand image in consumer minds. Colourful images of thirsty young Chinese enjoying this drink are enough to send many of them to shops.

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The undertaking will also work with existing companies to reach the intended audience. For instance, the telecommunication companies may give drinks for example to persons who purchase a certain amount of airtime. They will also have codes on the bottles of the beverage meaning that on buying the owner could win data bundles or commercial time cash price reductions. This joint promotion is usually effective and will help get the Chinese locals buying this brand. This manufacturer will run on these companies as they already bear a great image and will surely penetrate into the market countering all possible challenges.

Chinese nation bears the largest Internet users. Advertising can never get complete unless it is mentioned. There are at least seven-hundred million Internet users in China. This toll is thus a great platform. Internet advertising will, therefore, be used. Internet advertising means using the technology to reach its users. Many organization, Amazon for example, have thrived by the use of this technology to both advertise and sell. Adverts will be placed strategically such that search engines will get linked to them so as to get to the users without the need for them to end what they are doing. Today, many individuals are reporting to have found info regarding brand existence in the Internet. Coca cola BlāK will also find its way into customers’ understanding via the same tool.

Individuals work to acquire money and become merry. They get entertained in various ways. The process of merry-making leads humanity into attachment to the things or people that bring happiness into their lives. The Chinese market has persons they adore. Such incorporate movie stars, music, and footballers among others. The company will associate itself with such superstars who will market the brand. Stephen Chow and Sumo Wong being leading stars in the Chinese film industry would be examples of the person to market the new product with their popularity. The consumer market will get moved to consume the new product so that they feel part of the superstar life. Since most competitors are operating in major towns such as Beijing and Shanghai, Coca Cola will sell this brand to the entire China. So brand info and presence will have to get to everyone. Having various advertising techniques will ensure that all persons get to hear and understand about Coca Cola’s new product. These advertisements will get altered depending on the season for purposes of remaining relevant.

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Coca Cola BlāK will be distributed via the ordinary distribution channels. These are an efficient way for marketing the product. Once manufactured, it will best reach the target market via distributing it to shops, restaurants, hotels, stores, and outside vendors where it can easily get to customers (Singh, 2012). The company will make appointments with distributors, agents, and wholesalers who will be responsible for distributing the produce to various regions. The small scale businesses will get supplied by these big merchants. Large retailers like supermarkets will act as display centres and places where consumers can compare prices. The company will make it easier for the middle organization and any person selling the product. The enterprise will offer financial support and other inputs such as transport. These will aid the distributors and other business persons work well for the welfare of the organization (Wang, 2014). Credit facilities will also get extended to those who have the expertise in selling, but have little financial ability to work with the company. There will also be no bottlenecks for any trader with a desire to make collaboration with the company so long as it has the effect to distribute the brand and get it to the end consumer.

The company will also use salesforce that will aggressively get to the furthest corners of China. The salespeople will be highly rewarded to motivate them to induce the locals. The salesforce, composed of locals, has great knowledge of how the persons in this giant market reason in relation to attitudes. They will speak to them using the native language and manoeuvre their way into the hearts of the consumers. The company will also make mobile kiosks that will be given for free to the person that wants to make their living via selling the company product. Since many persons want to become entrepreneurs, yet they lack premises, this move will definitely get a welcome. Such a campaign will only be limited by the quantity they can make. The higher the quantity of such small sellers, the more the undertaking increases per unit of sales. When well-distributed, these kiosks can easily become great selling centres for the company product. The reason is that it will get even to remote areas and the fact that they sell unique brand will create a sensation in the population leading to increased sales. The existing competitors use almost similar distribution techniques with an exception of the mobile kiosks.

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All consumers pay for products depending on the value they attach to such goods. It is evident that products with low value cannot ensure high prices as customers will never pay for something of insignificant value. Coca Cola BlāK can best get described as a premium and sophisticated coca cola blend having coffee essence (Bhasin, 2017). The rich and effervescence of this beautiful drink will create a pick-me environment (Bhasin, 2017). The knowledge that this brand is unbeatable in relation to taste is sufficient to make consumers buy and create a word of mouth advertisement campaign for the product. Satisfied customers will tell others about Coca-Cola BlāK while they themselves will be buying repeatedly. The enterprise will then use the info from the customer buying experience to improve the brand in relation to taste and quality. Price will become one of the selling points. Since Coca Cola organization is already an established entity, its market penetration prices will be much lower than the competitor prices and still operate till the brands acquire a substantial market. The consumers will purchase it without questioning. The penetration price will be set to beat the existing competitor price so that the consumers will find no reason why not to buy this wonderful drink. The price attached to a coke drink that is low-calorie and enriched with coffee essence is irresistible. The existing brands are good, but none will match this brand that touches the heart of the person drinking. It will get formulated to suit the Chinese tests. The locals want drinks that have the likeness of their local drinks such as tea and coffee. It will be designed to appeal to both adults and youths who so that nobody will be left behind. It is the latest and best innovation of the 21st century in the beverage industry that is tailored to meet the value of a customer’s money.