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Classification of Coffee

Waking up in the morning is always a challenge for many people who are going to work. This is because the mind is not yet fully turned around from sleep, the nature of work, traffic or the cold season. In such a situation, coffee is one of the best beverages that can really stimulate and makes one feel warm instantly. Coffee, like any other beverage, can be classified into certain categories depending on their origin, flavor and method of roasting. Although coffee is broadly divided into two main categories; Robusta and Arabica, there are other varieties like Colombian, Brazilian, Costa Rica, Guatemalan, Jamaican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Mexican coffee.

One of the most renown, the Columbian coffee is regarded as one of the popular coffees in the world. This originates from Columbia and it is grown there. It has a very bitter taste and strong aroma (Trebilcock 30). This variety of coffee is also widely grown in Manizales, Medellin and Armenia. Roasting the. Because of the bitter taste, the Columbian coffee is roasted under medium temperatures in machines. This kind of roasting is known as dark roasting.

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Another variety of coffee is the Brazilian coffee. This is variety is grown in the lowlands, and thus it is considered as inferior to those varieties grown in the highlands (Wintgens 54). The flavor of the Brazilian coffee is mild sweet. Being the largest coffee growing area in the world, Brazil has Santos and Rios as the major growing areas. The roasting method of the variety is by machine. The degree of roasting is also done under medium temperatures and it becomes an American roast.

Another widely known variety of coffee is Costa Rica. This is a variety that originates from Costa Rica in Europe (Trebilcock 40). This type of coffee has a dry texture, but a fruity flavor. This is the variety that is universally used for breakfast. The major producing areas in this region are Three Rivers and Tarazu. It is roasted by use of machine under medium temperatures.

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Guatemalan coffee is another variety of coffee that originates from Guatemala. It is a variety widely known for its fine coffee and fairly flavored coffee (Wintgens 55). Some of the major coffees in this category are San Marcos, Coban and Huehuetenango coffee. Their main producing areas in the origin are Marcos, Atitlan, Coban and Huehuetenango. In the processing stage of the variety, the beans are roasted under medium temperature and in a roasting machine.

Another variety of coffee is also called Jamaican coffee which originates from Jamaica. In Jamaica, most of the coffees are very bitter, apart from the Blue Mountain that has a sweet taste. The Blue Mountain coffee is aromatic and very smooth. The preparation and processing of this coffee is done by dark roasting them in machines under high temperatures (Trebilcock 55).

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Additionally, another variety of coffee classified according to its origin is the Peruvian coffee. The variety originated from the Peru where it is cultivated up to date. The Peruvian coffee is also grown in Urubamba Chenchamayo, Ayacucho and Cuzco. Though the coffee has a mild aroma, it has a sweet taste. Like the other coffee types, Peruvian coffee is roasted in machines under high temperatures (Ahmad 60). Another type of coffee classified according to the place of origin is the Nicaraguan coffee. This variety is cultivated in areas like Jinotega and Matagalpa at the altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level. The variety originated from Nicaragua and it has a chocolate flavor. The country where the variety is grown is has certified its coffee as organic. Moreover, the Nicaraguan coffee is processed through roasting in machines under high temperatures.