Free «Classification - Division of a Shopping Mall» Essay Sample

Classification - Division of a Shopping Mall

Having fun is one of the reason people exhaust their bank accounts. By the time one drives to the city and pays the parking fee, he finds himself with little money left to purchase a movie ticket; let alone soft drinks and popcorn to snack on. As a result, most people have turned from dining, wining and going movies to shopping malls.This is mainly because of the free-admission and free-parking they enjoy at shopping malls.

Couples on dates, the nuclear family and teenagers can all be seen having a lovely time at this recreation spot. The shopping malls have evolved as technology advances, making it a hotspot recreation facility. This paper is going to discuss the classification or division of a shopping mall, stating the various stores found in a shopping mall. The paper will discuss the following department stores: furniture department, jewellery, electronic, fabric, food court, toys, book stores and entertainment stores.

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The largest group of the mall goers is teenagers. The guys will saunter by in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, with a package of cigars sticking out from their pockets. The girls, on the other hand, stumble along in daring tops, high heeled shoes, with hairbrushes snugly tucked in rear pockets of their designer tight-fitting jeans. Travelling in groups, they come to the shopping malls to meet other peers and basically hang out.

Young couples are noticeable because they walk hand-in-hand. They first stop at the jewellery store windows to gaze at the gold wedding bands and the diamond engagement rings. Then, they will wander to the furniture departments, usually found in large mall stores, happily whispering to each other how that brass headboard or the 5-piece living room set would look in their home.

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The older parents can be observed with their children visiting the shopping mall on Friday or Saturday evenings. Children tend to go to some of the special malls exhibits that are geared towards children. Boys and girls tend to head for the places they find appealing; mainly toy malls. They will then bump into the entertainment store to look out for the latest cartoon series. Mom walks around looking for various things; she is once admiring house hold items at the house ware stores or is busy running fingers through the cotton and silk garments at the fabric store. The fabric store is stocked with clothes, bedding and other cloth materials. They are usually sold at a fairer price at the mall than any other shopping outlet.

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Elsewhere, the dad is at the electronic store admiring his dream piano, home theatre and will also look out for the latest action movie at the entertainment store. Teenagers and young couples also admire this store since they are colorful, and recent good music is the order of the day. Meanwhile, the kids are hungry and come demanding for something to eat and, therefore, the family heads to the food court.

On a normal day, the manager can be seen dropping by to a motivational and or a business book and some office staff at the book store. Scholars are also concentrated here and some parents purchasing a textbook or a story book for kids.

In conclusion, the above study shows that the shopping mall is a popular social and recreational among all kinds of people since of its wide range of stores stocking different items for different groups of people. Whereas all groups of people are entitled to spend time at the mall, the young couples, teenagers and the nuclear family make up the biggest majority of mall goers. Classifying the stores helps the designers of the malls to know on how to build the stores so as to fit the different needs of the social groups. The investors will use the information to know where to invest and target their market share. Furthermore, it encourages people to look out for this less expensive way of recreating. The mall is the best place they can be since they shop for inexpensive recreation, and it provides it.