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Levels of Prevention

The first scenario deals can be regarded as tertiary level of prevention. This is because the agency deals with the already affected individuals in the society. The agency is concerned with the daily occurrences abuse, rape and women battering in the society (Burger, 2007). Those who are affected by the societal dysfunctions normally go to the agency for help. This is not efficient, in my view. This is because there is no effort to heal affected. One problem I find with is the fact that case of violent situations, there is the involvement of the police.

Like the case that was experienced in the scenario, the presence of the police affected the gentlemen. What is more, the agency does not go looking for the adversely affected. They wait for the affected to visit them. It can only be compared to the analogy of the fisherman saving the people who were swept by the raging river. The amicable solution that could have helped is going to the individuals to look for them in the village. Tertiary prevention level is concerned with individuals.

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The second scenario is primary level of prevention. This is because it is concerned with preventing the occurrence of early teenage pregnancies. There is also the need to make sure that the teenagers get education on the effects of early pregnancies (Bloom, 1981). The solution that is given to solve he problem that occurred in the scene is sufficient. Although biblically it is not right, but the information that teenagers get from the media is reason enough to be alarmed on the level of immorality that is found in the society. There is therefore need to prevent unsafe sex. There is also need to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy for the teenagers who get involved in unsafe sex. I totally agree with the initiative to provide family planning measures.

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The third scenario is that of secondary prevention. This is because the initiative is to prevent the effects caused by homelessness. It is therefore right to prevent the adverse effects of homelessness in the community. The step by the agency to provide health services in the shelters is in the right direction. It is a primary level of prevention. It is right given the fact if the people in the rehabilitation are not taken care of, and then there will be health problems. There is therefore need to prevent the occurrences of these health hazards in the camp.