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Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian tire corporation, according to Canadian official website (retrieved in Jan 29, 2007), is one of the Canada’s sixty largest public companies. The firm operates an inter-related network of businesses involved in retailing of hard goods, apparel and petroleum as well as financial and automobile services. The company is known for its massive employment by the human resource department as it employs more than 58,000 people across Canada. According to the report indicated in its official website, the company was involved in the merger and acquisition of Forzani group, a Canadian sporting goods retailer in may 2011. This merger and acquisition prompted the human resources department to adjust its operation systems in terms of job description, job specifications, performance standards, job evaluation and training of employees.

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However, based on the above information, one can recommend a practical approach to dealing with the human resources systems of the company that are affected by the merger. For instance, the aspects of the human resources systems that are likely to be affected by the merger are issues such as employee recruitment and placing, training and development and finally performance appraisal. To begin with, one recommendation that one would offer to this particular company is to retain as many employees as possible. Looking into this recommendation, the human resources department can be able to implement it by put in place the mechanisms that are going to attract as many employees as possible. These mechanisms can be enacted through advertisement of the employment opportunities available either through electronic or print media. The company can also try to create public awareness of its operations, achievements and profitability so that it can be able to attract and retain employees as per the recommendation. However, following the above recommendation, there will be high costs that the company will incur for mass recruitment and selection in the short run and also at the same time, employee performance is bound to be affected until they get fully experienced for the job.

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The other recommendation is that since the Forzani group LTD was already successful at the time of the merger and acquisition, it is important for the Canadian tire corporation to maintain some of their practices and strategies, for instance the advertizing, marketing and promotion strategies adopted by the Forzani group LTD. This can be possible through implementation of the policies, rules and regulations that were governing the operations of the Forzani Group LTD, which yet still are relevant to the operations of the Canadian tire company. By so doing, the company will achieve a great milestone by being able to standardize compensation, benefits and hiring practices between all of their retail stores, which now not only deal with goods such as petroleum, apparel and hard goods, but also the sporting goods such as hockey sticks and shoes. This also will help to promote equity between all employees and easy transfers and promotions within the organization.

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Finally, one may recommend that after the interested parties are recruited and selected by the human resources department, the company should provide an intensive training and development program. This can be implemented either through on the job training, seminars or workshops. The training and development program should not only target the new employees but also the existing ones since the operations are different after the merger. In so doing, the challenges that the employees are bound to face as a result of the merger and adjustments in operations will reduce thus promoting their performance.

In conclusion, by following the above recommendations and trying to maintain its positive public image, the Canadian company and more specifically its human resources department will be able to attract and retain relevant qualified and experienced employees who will be motivated to work for the company thus reducing job dissatisfaction.