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Comments on Presentation

Julicorp Mobile

The presentation talks about Julicorp, a phone hardware manufacturing company, which has two ventures in store for future– cellular accessories and operating software. The new venture tools are –SERBS, Risk assessment, FAUCETS, NPV, MADM and VRIN. There can be threat of substitute to new ventures as they suffer from liability of newness, switching costs and resources which can be limited. There is a threat to entry because of the reasons that can be-relationship with outside parties, limited software design expertise and lack of legitimacy in the eyes of the stakeholder.

The threat due to rivalry is also revealed which may gain prominence due to low sales growth and complexity of cost production and comparable products. Not to forget the risk of exposure which can be explained as separate operations group for new venture groups, incentive can be provided to managers to work at higher risk for better return or less risk for a lower return. Priortization risk assessment can be done by studying customer demand, product mix, development, operations involved, and warehouse to be created. Systematic risk assessment can be done by utilizing quality process product and customer demand and also by engineering formula to determine market research segment.

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Factors affecting firm performance can be business group multi -divisional structure which can increase performance and reduce cost and conversely profitability has been found lower with group affiliates compared to non – groups. Potential competitive advantage can be strategic resonance, aligning business /mfg stragedy and strategic fit. Ways of Financial analysis are highlighted in the presentation, that can be done for new project by project rule which follows as accepting if npv is positive and rejecting if npv is a negative.

There can be issues with financial tools. A majority of financial tools like npv rely heavily on estimates and assumptions which can be inaccurate so other tools such as the multi attribute decision (madm) can be used. The presentation stresses on Julicorp’s expansion into cellular accessories and cellular operating software market taking into account various opportunities available for the company.

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Implications of CEO personality

Julicorp’s top management is a diverse top management but still there is a need of a CEO with a fresh perspective. This power point presentation signifies the role of a CEO in an organization and how to select a proper candidate for the position. There can be a test conducted to see an individual’s personality in four areas–dominant, conscientious, influencer and steady. There can be darker and brighter sides of a personality such as self esteem which belongs to the former and aggressive behavior to the latter. So we can make out that the personality of CEO can uplift an organization or can be the reason of its downfall. There can be traits of leadership such as a leader can be task oriented and change oriented and can be leader-follower etc.

In addition to this we come to know about strategic flexibility and firm performance, relating it to traits of small and dynamics firms like Julicorp. Strategic flexibility traits like being conscientious, to understand the firm better and emotional stability, calmness in stressful situation, agreeableness, extraverted and openness to experience are explained through example in this presentation.

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Empirical method Q-sort is a scientific method of quantitative analysis where 100 questions are asked, can be used in the study of a CEO. CEO’s charismatic behavior brings high performance to organization. We need to see to CEO’s transformational qualities such as hope to bring change, optimism to motivate others, resilience to change and to handle setbacks while staying focused on the bright future. Eventually the outlined set of procedures can help select the best CEO for Julicorp.


The collection of slides recommends Julicorp to develop as a company with focus on stakeholders rather than stock holders. Stakeholder shot to the center of discussion by their inline innovative behavior and adaptation qualities as with Julicorp. The corporate strategy needs to focus on intentions of stock holders. There can be a question whether, Julicorp should think about stakeholders. Stakeholders welfare can give strength to company. Julicorp like any other organization is dependent on government, employees, customers, private organization alliances and inventors. Then there is a discussion on stock holders who only have interest in short term profit. All stock holders can’t be stakeholders. Employees as stakeholders should be treated ethically and morally and it leads to employee oriented leadership.

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In continuation to questions analyzed further through this presentation, we find out if suppliers are also stakeholders. Suppliers are judged by commitment, in time delivery, reliability and quality. Then other community stakeholder such as charity organization, local business and business bodies are discussed. To build a tie with the community stakeholders, Julicorp has to work on developing corporate social responsibility and embracing latest thoughts.