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Ethical Theory and Business

Discrimination is the act of sidelining persons for not being the same as others mostly the majority; his is skin color, religion, sexuality, physical ability and even opinion wise. In a working environment this can be very bad as it creates an environment that is tense for the workers making it difficult to have a healthy working environment. Moral theories are meant to help one be in a position to have protected rights and high levels of benefit.

This are those that can be associated with a person’s dignity the society’s standard of morality and the aspects of right or wrong perceived by it. While dealing with this, one is able to come to a conclusion that also involves the personal duties to the society, understanding of a certain consequence of the society but at times does not have proper implementation in the society and persons may not be in a position to have proper judgment on issues.

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The guiding factor is always the aspects of morality and consequence of the actions. In this situation, discrimination on say, race would be bad as one does not chose their race and can hardly do anything to achieve a change. Scrutiny from an impartial basis can also assist in analyzing the situation to the best of their standards. Clear identification of the problem and description of it assist in the identification of it and eases the prospects of wrong I.D.

Then it goes on ahead to give the duties and loyalties of the one doing a particular act as it is solely up to them to bring forth a decision that is straight as per morality standards. Right and right values to avoid conflict of interests’ in terms of telling the truth, personal requirements and benefits in the long run and not mention justice of the system.