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Moral Situation

Morality is the term employed in everyday activities of a person and in every circumstance, and the judgment we make. To be a person who is said to be moral, one must have the ability to differentiate what is right, and what is wrong on his own. However, to be in a moral situation, is the ability of one to be capable of differentiating the right things from the wrong things. There is no universal of the right and wrong things. This is because everyone develops his or her own ego. According to Freud, he believed that, there are three different components of ego: These are namely; the Id, the Super ego, and the Ego. The id is the believed to be an “animal” in a person it is instinctual drives. The super ego is what people inherit from their parents, peers, and the media, but they are only temporally (Johnson, 1994).

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Law is the term which is referred to as a system of rules imposed by a set of organizations for social, ethical, compliance and, monetary obedience in the public. However, morality is the rules of behavior in terms of doing right and wrong. For example, it is not laws for a young person to excuse the elderly to sit if there is no seat and they are standing, however, it is his morals, which make him to do so. Morals are practices that are being made by and demarcated by one's society, philosophy, religion, or individual conscience. Most of the people believe that law and morality is not essentially the same thing.

Let’s consider an example of in just laws, probably that are employed in different nations. In fact, one may say that a law can be moral and, it can be moral to break it in ones society. I will consider an example of the speed limit. In many cities, the drivers are advised to limit they speed as low in order to save lives of others, however, on motorways, apparently cars go above 70km/h the amount they pollute the environment increases rapidly. So it would be moral for drivers to keep the speed at 70km/h in order to reduce pollution of the environment. However, suppose there is an emergency and, one need to go to a hospital, or an important event. In this situation while he is driving fast more than required one is not in a moral situation, and he is breaking the law.

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When laws are be made or implemented, there are supposed to be laws which are fair to every citizen. Sometimes it might be breaking laws, but in some circumstances if it is an emergency, one might be forced to break the laws, but he is doing something moral. For example, if an accident has occurred and one is told to rash someone to the hospital so as to save his life? He might break the law of over speeding, but he is doing something moral saving one’s life. The law is believed to be deeply, dull tool, and should in general be established where it benefits most people. If that is not possible, one can bend the law a bit and do what is morally right of saving someone’s life (Johnson, 1994).

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There are factors that lead someone to torture other people. For example, in a case where someone knows the victim who kidnapped his wife and he has been given less time to give some amount of money so that his wife can be released, and he is not telling him.. There is no reason why this person would not torture them. This does not certainly mean it is right from a moral opinion point of view, but it is, perhaps, more justifiable. What one can do is the same case that happens with murder.

Sentencing can be of the different kinds. According to the law, the wrong doers are supposed to be sentenced according the type of crime one has committed. However, in our societies today, the judges have become very immoral. For example, there might be a minister who is dealing with drugs, but when he is taken to court, he goes home scot free. If there is another case of a person who has stolen a chicken from his neighbor, he is sentenced to 10years. Is this really right or moral? In this situation, the judge is not doing right, and might also be not following the law. However, if he could release the thief and tell him to return the hen and fine him little money, he would be moral.