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History: Black Mammy

The first paragraph of the article is very offensive because the writer has chosen a very harsh word when referring to the black women by using the word “negro women” this automatically gives the story a negative attitude towards the black women who play a very vital role in the lives of the white families. This seems to change as the writer proceeds writing the story as the tone used tones down this is when she refers the black women as “black mammies” the words accords them the respect they require. The attitude of the writer changes this is as a result of her considering the kind of relationship that exists between the black woman and the white families.

The proposal to erect these mammies statue was as a result of the white legislatures that were raised by black mammies was a sincere one. This is because the mammies played a significant role in taking care of them while their mothers were away and these black women were there to give them the motherly love they were missing from their absent mothers (Time Inc, 2011).

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According to my own understanding the main reasons that resulted to the black women to reject the proposal is to reduce the cases of racial discrimination that was currently being encountered in the country, thus the blacks never wanted the erection statue this is because the statue will be used as a form of racial discrimination against the black American women (Time Inc, 2011). If the congress managed to erect the statue it would result to the straight racial discrimination of the black community in that they would be classified as individuals who are suitable in doing household jobs and not other leading roles in the society.

The most appropriate situation today if the whites wanted to maintain a cultural image would be placing the blacks Americans in the position of being sportsmen/women and thus denying them opportunity of political leadership roles (Virginia University, 1999). This situation is a comparative one this is because most of the individuals who represent united states of America in sporting events in generally all the different sporting fields.