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Decline and Disarray

The disorder and decline of the Roman Empire took place in the 3rd century from the Octavian. Several factors did contribute to the fall of the kingdom. The Roman Emperor was the ruler of the Roman state in the imperial periods. The Roman Empire political system lasted for nearly five centuries. The Roman state gave Gaius Octavius the name Augustus after years of bitter war when he became undisputed. The kingdom had a solidified political control of its lands. The empire till lasted till German inversions when there was economic decline and poor political shape.

Poor political rule was one of the factors that led to the decline of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar who was the Roman leader ruled the Roman Republic as a dictator. He was finally assassinated and the Rome Empire descended for more than ten years of political upheaval. Civil wars also emerged that claimed many lives. After the defeat Gaius the senate in 27 BC proclaimed him Augustus that meant the exalted or holy one. The Republic of Roma which was lasted to about 500years was dead and never to be revived.

Roman imperialism that introduced extremes of wealth and poverty led to rise of conflict within the Roman state as it shaped both social and economic state. The flood military plunder who captured and suppressed slaves led to up-rise of rebellious units against the rule. The immense wealth was only accessed by the ambitious of the Roman nobles who struggled for their personal concerns rather than collective rule.

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The Romans themselves believed that wealth of the empire corrupted the nobles in the Roman Republic.

Rome Empire lacked a strong administration that was to guide and administer the state and control the army. The old system of administration was unsuitable to rule the empire that had grown larger than before. New military institutions were to be created to maintain its dominance. Through the building of the new administration the empire could then easily manage the rising number of individuals and to unit them. Military institutions were to recruit has many young men to the army as possible to protect the empire from civil wars.

The economy of the empire fell due to high taxes that were imposed on the Romans. The rise of the taxes was due to inadequate treasury of funds in the empire. The rate of debasement and the inflation of the economy resulted in a disastrous rule. The coinage had become nearly worthless, that lump of with the thin veneer of silver outside was that cheap.

The government demands ate up the foundations of production plus the surplus resulting to the succumbing of the economy. The older silver-free coins were driven by the newly ones that were much valuable and were circulated. With the coins reduced to almost worthless the people and the government were abridged to bartering for services and goods.

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Taxes were collected in a haphazard and awful manner with the burdens falling heaviest on areas where the army was in a position. The farms that were a major source of income to the people were evacuated. Most of the people turned to be beggars since they would not meet their daily requirements. To avoid this duty the council made it compulsory for those who met the property requirements.

Invasion of civil wars on the empire weakened it making it less secure and lose their power. The wars crushed down the economy of the state leasing to high taxes imposed to the people to meet the government`s requirements.

Julio-Claudine Empires were also leaders of the empire. Tiberius was a conscious general in Germany and a fine imperial administrator. He alienated senators with his personal moodiness. Despite his weakness Tiberius left the empire with secure boundaries and a healthy treasury. He worked to unite the empire though it had been faced with difficulties like civil wars.

Caligula was another Roman empire, who revived the treason trials of Tiberius. He had his fall downs such as he opened a brothel in the palace, raped whoever he wished and he reported on the woman`s deeds to her husband. He committed some illegal deeds like incest; he killed for greed and thought he should be treated like god.

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Commodus ruled from 180 to 192 BC. He was a lazy leader and led a life of debauchery with giving control to his freedmen and later he sold imperial favours. By performing like a slave in the he disgraced his status. He called himself the Roman Hercules. Through all this leadership of poor quality the Roman Empire remained a challenged state.

Nero was another leader of the Rome Empire who ruled with a lot of inadequacies. He murdered his mother and wife during his leadership. He took his senators’ illegally property and severely taxed the people to create his own magnificent home. He had many killed during his time of leadership and for all that happened he put the blame on the Christians.

Domitian based his leadership under conspiracies. He came up with new ways through which he tortured and harassed the Jews and philosophers. He executed officials and confiscated their properties especially those who opposed his policies. All these led to the fall of the ancient Roman Empire. The people turned out to be peasants enslaved in their own state.