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The US Law with Illegal Drugs

Paper outline

1a. Hook and Analysis

The United States has complicated laws and enforcement practices that deal with drug issues. The corresponding state and federal laws that relate to illegal drugs are overlapping or are in conflict. Some drugs are prohibited, but ironically, the government regulates their production, distribution and usage. According to Petrie, Pepper & Manski, there are many controversies on the matters of drug policies (2001). Following these controversies, there is a need to carry a comprehensive research to ascertain the relevance of the information available on prohibited drugs and the legal policies that are put in place. There are numerous arguments as to whether the laws that control drugs are sufficient of not. The greatest argument lies in determining whether the present drug policy should be retained or abandoned.

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b. Background Information and Thesis Statement

There is little knowledge about the drug policies and laws. There is enough evidence that people have insufficient information about the laws controlling drugs. This triggered the need to carry out a research to determine what is known on drug policies and laws. The US has constant supply of drugs despite the numerous policies that control them. This raises an argument about the effectiveness and efficiency of these policies. Some people argue that these policies are reliable while others argue that they are not. The paper explores both arguments – those that think that the US policies on drugs are sufficient, and those that consider them not to be insufficient.

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2. Argument That the US Policies on Drug Matters are Insufficient

Although there are numerous changes that have been made in the US Constitution to ensure that the war against drugs is won, there are several federal prohibitions that hinder the efficiency of the policies. There are several incidences that can be quoted to illustrate how federal laws conflict with state laws in fight against the drugs. For example, federal laws control the use of illicit drugs while state laws permit the use of some prohibited drugs such as marijuana (Blackwell, 1994). The state legislation rules in favor of marijuana use saying that it is essential in medication, thus, limiting the effectiveness of drug control laws set by federal authorities.

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Although there are high penalties for drug offenses, there are numerous loopholes in anti-drug policies. There is a constant supply of drugs availing these drugs to consumers at a low cost. Introduction of other laws, for example, legalization of gay marriages, promotes the sales of some drugs such as mephamphetamines, which is used as a lubricant. Analyzing the policies put in place and their implementation process, it is reasonable to argue that the policies and laws that control the use of illicit drugs are insufficient.

3. Argument That the US Policies on Drug Matters Are Sufficient

The government has set measures that can assist in controlling the amount of drugs that is availed in the market. The US government in the effort of fighting high consumption of prohibited drugs has instituted interdiction and law enforcement procedures to ensure that the drugs are seized before getting to American borders (Friesendorf, 2007). These policies aim at curbing the entrance of the drugs and also disrupting criminal power.  The government ensures that drug traffickers are immobilized, thus, reducing the supply of these drugs. Such policies ensure that the supply of the drugs is low and, therefore, the prices are increased. The increased cost discourages the consumption. This indicates effectiveness and efficiency of drug control policies. Again, the US government has numerous educative programs that inform people on the dangers of drug consumption. The government also supplies Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with a wide range of equipment that enables them to be more effective in their educative work (Inciardi, 1986).

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Another indication that the drug policies are reliable and effective is the high incarnation penalty. The US federal government has set high penalties  for the use and supply of illicit drugs. Any person that is arrested in possession of such drugs is subject to a lengthy imprisonment or heavy fines. Such penalties inflict fear in both users and supplies, thus reducing the amount of drugs supplied in the market and also their consumption.

4. Conclusion

There are numerous controversies on the laws that control the sale and use of illicit drugs in the US. Some people argue that the laws are unreliable and insufficient while some think otherwise. Those arguing against the policies state that there are conflicts between federal and state laws. Again, introduction of other laws that allows the sale of drugs for other purposes, and instituting laws to control the production and marketing of prohibited drugs makes the policies be insufficient. Those that state the policies and laws are sufficient consider high penalties, interdiction, and informative programs that educate people on dangers of drug. Since both parties have strong support of their argument, the government needs to reveal these laws and policies to ensure that the fight against drugs is won.

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