Free «Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Child» Essay Sample

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Child

Every stage of development has its challenges, as well as some positive aspects. Being a child is one of the stages of development that one faces during their life and that is absolutely unique. A child’s life has both advantages and disadvantages and this is what the paper will focus on.


Support of the Parents or Guardians

A child enjoys the support of the parents or the guardians who take full responsibility of the child to cater for their all basic requirements, as well as affordable secondary requirements. A child usually has no worries about what to do to earn a living (Kail 52).

Mistakes Are Easy to Rectify

Every person can make a mistake during their life. In a child’s life, it is simple to rectify a mistake and prevent it from affecting the future. It is contrary to the life of an adult where some mistakes cannot be corrected, so that they can destroy the future of an individual, and in some cases may threaten the family.

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Living the Moment

A child just lives their life and does not bother about what awaits him or her in the future. It eliminates stress and worries and gives a child enough time to concentrate on the events that occur at the moment.


A Duty to Attend Schools

A child feels that he or she would like to spend more time at home where they can enjoy entertainment, freedom and food at regular intervals. Therefore, the fact that a child must take such responsibility as going to school does not please them. A child has the same attitude towards going to school as adults regarding going to work.

Choices Made in Childhood May Affect Children’s Future

There are some decisions and choices that an individual is required to take from an early age. At a young age, an individual does not possess enough knowledge to differentiate what is good and bad. Therefore, children may find themselves in the circumstances where they have to make a choice that might affect the rest of their life. For instance, many people start smoking from a young age.

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Possible Negative Influence of the Elder Relatives and Parents

Many children suffer from mistakes made by elderly relatives and their parents. For example, when a guardian or parent is alcoholic, a child does not understand how to fix the problem and how to cope with it. In addition, a child may suffer psychologically if their parents or elder relatives have a behavioral disorder (Blades, Cowie, and Smith 32).

Little Freedom

As a child grows, he or she feels that there are some things that they like and others they dislike. However, parents, guardians, older relatives and teachers do not understand them or do not give them a chance to do what they want. In addition, a child is always under control since during the day, they are under control of the teachers, and after school, under control of the parents.

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Keen Perception of the Things that Are Not in Order

In many cases, children understand when things are out of control and neither they nor their parents can find a solution. Sometimes, they do not understand what is wrong, but they just know that something is not in order. However, they do not have any idea of what they are supposed to do; neither do they know the right time and the right way of fixing the problem.

In conclusion, life of a child is full of different challenges. There are some things that a child enjoys and there are others that he does not. However, advantages and disadvantages of one’s childhood depend on the setup of the family and nature of upbringing. It is the duty of grown-ups to ensure that the life of children is easy and has minimal disadvantages, and assist them to grow and earn respect in the future.