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Children tend to copy and take after the characters of their parents or the older people they are exposed to. If a child lives with the parents the then the child is likely to adopt the parent’s character. The emotional behaviors are the ones which are mostly derived from the parents by the children. If the parents are used to quarreling and shouting at each other regularly and in the presence of their children then it is harmful. This is because the children are likely to copy the shouting and quarreling character and this will be evident in their interaction with their friends at home and in school. The worst part is if the parents use abusive words and also fight in the presence of their children. Children will acquire the fighting character and will learn those abusive words. It is embarrassing to hear a young kid use abusive words against a friend especially in public. The parents can easily control the behaviors of their children through their own. If they have polite and peaceful relationship with their partners in the eyes of their children then their children will be positively influenced. Parents should also do their disagreement conversations privately away from the children. (farioff, 2008)

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Children are also known to copy the characters of mature people in the environment which they are exposed when being brought up. If the people in their surrounding are alcoholic then they are likely to be attracted to taking alcohol. Also if they take other drugs like cigarette the children have a high probability of becoming smokers. The mode used by parents to instill discipline in children is also important. If the parents use harsh and brutal punishment then two characters may be developed by the child. The first character could be fear which may make the child unable to speak out or express personal feels. This will affect the growth of the child because the child will not grow in a free world. The other character likely to be acquired is I don’t care attitude which will worsen the child’s discipline towards maturity. Also exposing a child to like clubbing and other luxurious events which may corrupt the mind is not good. This is because the child may be addicted to these things and it may result into school dropout or loss of focus in the studies. What the children watch and hear in the television has a great influence on their conduct. Children tend to imitate what they see more often therefore parents should ensure that what they watch is morally correct.(farioff, 2008)

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The use of drugs has increased globally with people having different opinions about the use of drugs. There is no positive reason for using drugs that is convincing enough. The use of drugs is expensive because the user has to buy or plant the drug. Use of drugs is also illegal and therefore the user is always at risk of ending in prison. There is also an intense addiction that is always derived from the use of drugs. These make the user to be dependent to the drugs which take control of the body. The user’s body will always be unable to function normally without the drugs. Drugs are therefore not a healthy because of the alteration they cause to the body functioning. Those who have stopped using have always witnessed the damage caused to them by drugs. Others have risked losing their mind or developing mental complications. Others are survivors of cancer which was caused by the use of drugs. Many drug users have also died from accidents or overdose of the drugs. It is good to have firm opinions that drugs are not worth being taken due to the harmful effects their consumption.(Taylor, 2011)