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Decision Model

Decision model can be well defined as a way of representing the logistics of business that are independent of platform and technology. Decision model cannot be discussed in isolation with the decision method, which is the generally accepted system in decision making. It is defined as an axiomatic system reportedly containing one action axiom. Decision method undergoes three stages; the first is the formulation stage which again is reportedly the toughest stage in this. It entails formulating a formal model of the given decision. It moves to the evaluation stage which seeks to produce formal recommendation of the above. The last stage is the appraisal stage where the decision maker develops an insight into the made decision and device a plan of action.

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Research shows that there are three types of inputs common to decision models; they include gasoline consumption, revenue model and finally new product development. The first input is very paramount and of great use to any economy. Gasoline or energy in general is one factor that cannot be deleted from the functioning of the economy. So proper decisions are made by decision models which will help them sail through any eventuality. This a very common input to decision models. Revenue model is also of great importance to virtually all decision models this is mainly because revenue is of the essence for anything to function.

For an economy to run there must be a stipulated source of revenue and this therefore makes this input very common to decision models. Finally we have the last input whose importance though not very paramount cannot be readily overlooked. In a business setting, there must be plans to develop a new product. This is common to virtually all decision models because, in an institutional setting, there is always a plan to develop a new product and there hence attract more customers. This cannot be therefore overlooked as a minor input.