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The book Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within is highly valued for its notable contribution to the reader’s comprehension of the best way to accomplish and afterward manage significant changes, both organizational and personal. It concentrates on the concept of deep change as a challenging, complicated but dignified method of achieving success in individual and collective development. One of the main distinctive features and advantages of the book is that it can be applied not only to the business area, but also to every aspect of life. The book is a persuasive and motivating handbook full of samples, discussions, and focused inquiries that may lead the reader to the individual model of progress. The main idea of the book as well its main advantage is the fact that it boosts the audience to remember that if a person wants to be a leader of his/her life, he/she needs to choose between the slow death of indifference, and the deep change of growth.

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The book investigates a significantly more troublesome change operation, “the process of deep change” (Quinn 3). The main difference between deep change and the incremental one is that the first requires improved approaches to thinking and acting. The profound change is a primer in scale, intermittent with the past and commonly irreparable. Moreover, the efforts of this type of change deform existing examples of measures presupposes risking. Overall, under the concept of deep change one may understand the process of surrendering control. The author believes and claims that every “insignificant” person can change more powerful organization or system, which he/she is a part of. As a result, the organization will be able to accomplish its change only if enough its members accomplish their deep personal change. The author admits that if a person refuses to achieve deep personal change, he/she will face slow psychological stagnation or death.

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The main advantage of the book is that it gives the readers hope that there is nothing impossible, and everything can change if a person works at achieving the goal. The book teaches the reader how to become and remain a transformational leader despite any deep change pain. Even though the author mentions the concept of the pain of change, there are many exceptions, and many people achieve their change not through pain but through motivation of certain kind. While some people have a motivator for the change, some organizations and individuals replace the motivation with some sort of pain. Moreover, the reason for change depends on the current situation and conditions of life. While success and prosperity can lead a person to degradation, poverty and sorrow can give a person a push to change the life starting from herself/himself. The last, but not the least, the author articulately contends that individuals can best realize a positive change in the surrounding world and the organizations they work for by concentrating on evolving themselves.

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To conclude, this book is an inspirational and persuasive guide. It presents the discussions, samples, and focused inquiries that may encourage the reader to progress and develop. Every part of it incorporates exercise-manual-like inquiries that lead the user towards individual and hierarchical change. The book is profoundly meaningful and is a guide for those searching for a deep personal change. It provides a lot of ideas and insights that can be of great value in everyday life. It makes the reader remember that he/she needs to choose between the slow death of indifference, and the profound change of self-development. The book emphasizes that the only choice that makes sense is the choice of deep profound change and reflection.