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Book review: Anthill: A Novel by E.O. Wilson uk essay

The ‘Anthill’ is a part thriller-part parable novel story by O. E. Wilson that brings about twist and turns of revelations about the lives of individuals and societies in the modern world. This paper explores the story and its main ...

"Deep Change" Reflection Paper uk essay

The book Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within is highly valued for its notable contribution to the reader’s comprehension of the best way to accomplish and afterward manage significant changes, both organizational and personal. It ...

Lawrence of Arabia uk essay

History is a specific thing, and if one wants to be remembered by generations he must personally do great things that can affect the course of history. There are people, who act in this way and leave a distinctive mark. A famous British spy ...

The Butler: Cinematography uk essay

The Butler (2013) is a movie produced and directed by Lee Daniels. The film shows the story of Cecil, who managed to work as a butler in the White House and served eight different presidents, which enabled him to witness important momentums in ...

Transamerica uk essay

Movie Review Introduction Transamerica is an independent comedy drama movie directed by Duncan Tucker and runs for 103 minutes. The picture is about family and addresses delicate topics without digressing into campiness. The thematic concern of this ... Testimonials

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