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Utilizing Multiple Agencies

Organizations provide several services to the public. Besides, this can be done by an individual institution or through combined efforts with other groups. Sometimes, the services required a wide range of professionals. Therefore, the involvement of different establishments, in particular the teamwork of several professionals, is necessary to offer help. Coordination enables various agencies to work hand in hand in case a program demands more than one organization to provide the services. Hence, prior evaluation of programs becomes crucial to determine what number of agencies is required to attain the goal. Thus, this will ease the process of service delivery since the necessary providers have been identified early enough. Therefore, multiple agencies address family needs through combating child maltreatment and ensuring social services.

Part One

Interventions have always improved the lives of poor families. In cases of complex needs, multiple agencies are involved in delivering the required services. Social service and child maltreatment are two of the numerous interventions applied by various organizations (Stanley & Humphreys, 2014). To start with, institutions provide social services to relevant people in order to treat or prevent violence within families. The family members who are inclined to drug abuse or violence get help through individual programs elaborated specifically for them. Advocacy for abused family members such as the elderly is implemented and alternatives, namely searching for different facilities away from their homes, are offered. The programs to foster family caregivers are actualized to support them. Counseling services and education programs are made available to individuals who have been abused or are at risk of being abused. Moreover, the programs for family maintenance for those who are likely to lose a family member, for example, a child are being developed. Interventions for social services are administered through casework as per individual families. Therapeutic services play a big role in family support, education programs, and counseling services. Another way of enhancing intervention procedures is through the provision of material aid that facilitates alternative housing among others.

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Secondly, the interventions for child maltreatment are mostly required by several families. The family social environment is regarded, including the risk factors that lead to the maltreatment cases. On the other hand, protective factors are taken into account to ensure the safety of children. The individual traits of parents and kids are being monitored although they do not majorly result in maltreatment of the young (Stanley & Humphreys, 2014). Family environment mainly contributes to child maltreatment through the social support and interaction processes (Bunger et al., 2014). The prime focus is the mother who is considered the first line protector of the child. Therefore, maternal behavior is bettered through parental education, social support, groups that enhance parental support and regular home visitations.

Importance of Multiple Agency Collaboration

Multi-agency activities improve social living awareness within the family setup and the society at large. All the agencies involved are well explained to the community members on their specific activities (Stanley & Humphreys, 2014). Violence is addressed through several methods of prevention and managing of the affected individuals. Different sex and age groups are being taught by the agency in charge on how to protect themselves from violence. Another agency gives shelter for the abused people, who mostly include the elderly or women. The same agency also provides counseling services to the affected parties. The agencies, which implement an educational program help children to be aware of the need for education in their lives. Moreover, the family social environment is being handled by an agency that deals with the issues of children. Parents, in particular mothers, are being advised on how to better their individual traits through parental education programs and the social support program.

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In addition, a collaboration of agencies facilitates a larger coverage with the increased sustainability of family and community needs. Hence, this is enhanced through common pooling of resources and launching a similar project. In the long run, the budget to be used becomes manageable and the duration of service delivery is lowered. A reason is the increased number of needs that are satisfied by the appropriate number of agencies. Proper education and support to parents are enhanced; therefore, maltreatment of children is reduced (Stanley & Humphreys, 2014). Another matter of great importance is the improved unity of the community members. Educational and social support programs unite the public. Information sharing enables them to tighten their social bonds. Lastly, the outcomes are more favorable due to the joint efforts of several agencies. Support and education get readily available; hence, the juniors will take advantage of greater opportunities (Bunger et al., 2014). Furthermore, the young considerably benefit from a wide range of education programs; therefore, they have better chances to avoid violence and improve their education.

Part Two

The interventions of child maltreatment and the delivery of social services improve the family and the larger community. However, many challenges occur when several agencies work together. Even though there are many benefits for the society, it does not imply that there is a lack of challenges. The following challenges are experienced by the agencies, which participate in the settlement of the aforementioned matters.

Communication is the first challenge encountered by the involved parties. Every agency has got different professionals who work under their own code of conduct and ethics. It becomes very hard to devise a clear communication plan on how to perform various activities (Stanley & Humphreys, 2014). Secondly, funding issues always lead to the delay of service delivery. In case of the fund availability, cost sharing always becomes a problem. Another challenge is the sufficient amount of time. However, some players in the service provision will always require more time since they lack cohesion in the process. A community and a particular family have different needs. Prioritizing on which of the latter are to be addressed first and by which agency becomes one of the major challenges faced.

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Moreover, these challenges have not hindered the multiple agencies to deliver their services. Thus, there are many advantages for the service providers and the society in general. Primarily, there exist mutual support and improved sharing of ideas. The professionals in different agencies present their experience and ideas during discussions. Therefore, these ideas when combined with those of the public members help in fulfilling various community needs. The uniting process also encourages sharing of resources thus reducing the available workload for the agencies. Another benefit is the enhanced inter-agency trust and service coordination (Kaehne, 2015). Through these, the relationships of the involved parties are improved, and the coverage of services required is achieved.

Part Three

Social service delivery requires highly skilled professionals to secure efficient performance of this task. One needs to have excellent communication skills to be able to get information from the affected community members. Hence, this incorporates good listening and understanding traits. Teamwork spirit is necessary to enable an employee to cooperate with other professionals from different agencies. An individual with poor social skills cannot work in a group (Courner, 2016). Protocol following enhances the administration of instructions during service delivery. Therefore, workers need to adhere to the guidelines and employ the formulated strategies in order to provide quality services (Kaehne, 2015). On the other hand, several ethical issues are encountered during in these processes. Safety within the working environment is questionable since service delivery involves intermingling with several community members (Reamer, 2013). The language barrier, especially with children and the elderly, is another ethical challenge. Finally, equal service provision might not be possible due to limited time and funding.

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In summary, multiple agency activities are beneficial to the community. The interventions applied include child maltreatment along with social services. When multiple agencies offer these services, all categories of people are addressed ranging from children, adolescents, drug addicts, parents and those abused in various ways. Professional work in collaboration enables to cover larger geographic locations and spend less time for the attainment of the set goals. Moreover, the main challenge encountered is communication amongst the employees and the public. A major consideration in the work ethics is environmental insecurity. Therefore, multiple agencies help needy families though handling child maltreatment and providing efficient social services.