Free «Don't Blame the Bureaucracy» Essay Sample

Don't Blame the Bureaucracy

A bureaucracy as per the Oxford dictionary is the system of government in which the there are a large number of state officials who are not elected. The public agencies are known to be general poor performers as they are more vulnerable to being reluctant in their functioning and corruption can get its way to the institutions. This is highly attributed to the political influence that is in the bureaucracies and which are meant to be strong influence of the disparagement of bureaucracy is due to disbelief about the performance of the various public sectors (Milward, & Rainey, p.151). The privatization of major has been seen as one of the ways to keep them functioning rather than having it waste away and they also make it easy to have increased profit as the private has a way of working more towards profits rather than anything else. They can at times create high costs on to the government and which imposes the pressure on tax payers whose rates are increased lance the pressure point in case can be that with more vehicles, the tax has to be increased for the purchase of vehicles and the fuel levy for road maintenance.

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That is why the bureaucracy more efficient at times in the sense that the losses by the system is not quantified and can lead to self interests rather than public policy. In a way it also has its disadvantages as the centralization of power making the government to be run like private property giving lee way for vices in policies. The concentration of more on the economies rather than services to people is what is making the bureaucracies fail (Milward, & Rainey, p.153). In the same way it is likened to a company which one has too little time to be in power and they are then faced by a challenge on whether to benefit them or to negligence thus become the order of the day by having the infrastructure not as efficient as it ought to be.

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The system being considered a wasteful one but on the latter it is considered one in which the low income areas are not well favored as compared to the other well off citizens. It is in this bureaucratic movement that the big gap between the poor and the rich widens with the increased elements of poverty.

There is that patriotic feel for everyone who is associated with the ownership of the government and thus making it free, open and consistent. Waste in the bureaucracy is linked to theft of public property mostly by politicians, breakage of well established entities which are majorly attributed by having personalities who are self based and not at all determined to maintain the hard work that they took over in the institutions. If they were given a leeway to be more flexible, then the wastage in this system would be highly minimal as compared to the other options available (Milward, & Rainey, p.155).

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The liberal democracy ended taking with it all elements of proper bureaucracy leading to the freeing of persons contravening all elements constitutions in having the interests of the citizens best at heart. The American Congress works differently from the other arms of government and in the same way can be used to adopt policies that make the best of the bureaucracies (Milward, & Rainey, p.158).

The Stereotyping of bureaucracy makes it difficult to tell whether the it has a problem or if it is only attributed or it being nothing but talk of the issues at hand. In my opinion, given a chance, the bureaucracies can be very well functioning and can give way better results than any other system.