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Until I started using Facebook, I could not connect with my primary school classmate because I felt embarrassed. Sometimes my parents want to know about my recent activities, which can be seen on my status.

Facebook is a social network based on the internet and useful in contacting your friends everywhere. The creation of a Facebook account is a simple task involving a few steps. Possession of a valid e-mail account is a prerequisite of Facebook account creation. Therefore, if you do not have one, acquire a free e-mail address from such sites as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. After that, access the Facebook homepage through the address and enter sign-up section at the right of the page.

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Once on the signup page, fill out personal information such as first name, last name, a valid e-mail address, a password, your gender, and your birthday; moreover, you ensure that everything is valid and correct, and then click the green "Sign Up" button. It is also crucial to choose a password which can be easily remembered by the account holder and hard to be guessed by others. In addition, you are required to enter the security code provide in the site on the blank space. Finally, you can confirm your account.

A person with an account with Facebook can accept friendship request from previous invitation during the time when a person had not opened an account. Alternatively, you can find some of your friends through search option at the top right corner of any Facebook page. Once the account has been created, the new account holder is free to edit personal information such the employer, relationship status, and the school attended.

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Unlike other social networking sites, Facebook provides individual networks enabling people in diverse geographical locations to connect with friends and family members. As a confirmatory action, follow the steps outlined above for you to realize that it is indeed simple to create a Facebook account.