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An Oral Presentation Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used to create overheads or computer based representation. Most employees and students are required to submit their projects for analysis. PowerPoint is increasingly becoming popular tool in most presentations.


  • Plan your presentation logically this entails an organized structure of the presentation scripts, write an outline to help plan your visuals and identify your main concepts and ideas
  • Plan the visuals. This is done by creating a storyboard which is a visual layout of different scenes in your presentation. It helps you visualize how the content will flow and how different slides relate.
  • Get started by deciding on the appropriate number of slides. Begin with a desired template which displays your text, pictures and videos suitably.
  • Design your presentations by choosing the slide format i.e.  A single slide with text and picture in different locations.
  • Insert the various slide layouts for the remaining slides. By making the visuals clear, simple and relevant to drive the point’s home. Make the visuals bigger for easier visibility at least 24 points.
  • Click the designated box to insert any text picture or graphs, this activates it you can begin inserting your desired objects. Limit the number or embedded objects in the PowerPoint presentation as this determines the size of file you will have.
  • Never use too many special effects as it can be annoying or distracting to your audience. Don’t overdesign or go overboard with the technology. Use animation sparingly to avoid distraction of the audience. Be consistent with the slide formats.
  • Play the slide show view of the presentation. To check on the consistency and the flow of the ideas and concepts.(Negrino,2005)

Conducting oral presentation using PowerPoint

Visual aids are the vital elements of an oral presentation. They are meant to help you cover a wider scope within a shorter time, link to sections of the presentations, help in explaining difficult explanation, show reality in which words cannot express, help audience visualize abstract concepts   and most importantly summarize information.  Effective presentation of oral presentation involves a detailed procedure.

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First evaluate and redraft your storyboard to make adjustments and revisions to your presentation. Have a meticulous final draft and ensure proper use of visual tools and graphics.

Then check the performance and management of your equipments. Before the oral presentation, make a renaissance visit to the presentation room; make some rehearsal with your equipments to avoid uncertainties in the presentation room. Know of the remedies to undertake in case of equipment lapse or when asked unexpected queries. Examine the layout of the room to determine your perfect mode of presentation. Bear in mind the location of projector and lighting of the room.

On the presentation time, if you are nervous validate your backup plan for your information and prepare your equipment. PowerPoint can be an interesting too but be prepared for technical failures.

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Pay lots of detail to the actual talk other than on PowerPoint slide; make maximum contact with the audience for maximum results. For enhanced visibility dim all the lights within the room. As a presenter you should make maximum use of the stage presence. This is a key factor in captivating the audience attention. Never read directly from your slides, instead, supplement or explain text or graphics. Note that adequate preparation and rehearsal is the key to boost your confidence and amass plenty marks.