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Persuasive Letter

Writing a persuasive letter is quite a challenge for many people, because it involves writing about your opinion on a certain issue, and convincing other people in your letter your way of thinking is the best way to go. This means that, you have to use your written words only to change the way of thinking of other people.

This brings us to the importance of proof reading your letter after you are through writing it to make sure that all details are included. The first paragraph involves getting the audience attention, thus ensure that you have used a lot of imagery to create mental pictures to the audience and to emphasize your point, you can use a rhetoric question, facts, or a captivating story. You should also ensure that you have included the background information based on what the audience requires to know and what they are concerned about.

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Confirm that you have included a thesis statement which states properly your intentions, or the main idea of the letter. The next part includes checking the body of your letter. First of all, it has to be concise and should sound professional. Check whether the product or idea you are selling is well described and also laying emphasis through repetition of important words and phrases, throughout your letter.

You should also consider if you have encouraged your readers to respond positively by highlighting the great benefits that the reader will have by adapting to your ideas. This should be done using valid reasons and also presenting evidence such as facts, opinion from experts and also examples. You should make sure you are in touch with your audience feelings towards your idea, such as love, pity, and security. Lastly you ensure that in your conclusion, you have summarized the important points and recommend the necessary action to be taken.