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Seeking Admission

Past events in my entire life seem to form the basis of my future success as seen in the various dimensions presented. Apart from describing my current status, they perfectly suggest the likely end product that embodies me. This is with particular interest in ventures that involve the application and use of computers. As a matter of fact, it is evidently obvious that computers and their applications have scripted an irresistible passion in my entire life that elevates me above most of my peers. Solving problems with the computer and virtually innovating some amazing moves with them, has therefore become part of me for as long as I can remember. They surely ignite my true identity and the intellectual zeal that resides inside me.

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I therefore feel deep inside me that computer science fits my situation perfectly. It is not just a feeling, but a reality that began emerging since as early as my elementary school years. During this time, I managed to design a website for my sixth grade class that was so precise in terms of quality, and in relation to my age at the time. It was surely a great feat to achieve and I still recall the heroic applause that followed. Computer science and all the challenges involved, has been instilling fear into most students but amazingly did the exact opposite in my case. It is seen in the audacity to place a bet with my middle school teacher, declaring that I would get access of the school’s server. This decision may not have been the best of ideas, but it surely depicts an immense craving for computers and their application in general.

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The buck did not stop with that development as I was actually set to achieve bigger and remarkable milestones in my relationship with computers and the art involved. Generally each bold step taken seems to emerge as much stronger and more complex than the previous one. I therefore believe that it is an indicator of growth on my side, and further reveals the hidden ability that is yet to manifest itself. From that perspective, I therefore confirm my philosophy in life, whereby I always look forward to unfolding the next potential in me. Past achievements do count a lot, but they seemingly fade away in the wake of new ones. Another remarkable achievement in the same was the landmark accomplishment of designing my first computer system without any professional help in during my high school years. It was the reason behind the amazing awe that arose amongst my friends and family members. Nobody was in a position to believe the developments with ease.

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My present situation definitely relies on the same philosophy of life and the same motive in terms of achievement. It involves the diversification of thoughts from having thought of attending a local college, to actually visualising a place that perfectly matches my level of ambition. This describes my passionate desire of taking a shot at something that I would term as bigger. I have known and respected Jacobs University for such a long time and believe that it is the most appropriate place to improve and equip my talent. The constant bickering from my school mates about this being a bigger prospect motivates me even more. I realise that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this quest for knowledge at a top institution. The respect I hold for the institution is also likely to put me on alert whereby reaching the greatest heights becomes imaginable.

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The process of sculpting another icon in computer science is definitely ongoing. With past records and qualities that define what success entails; I believe that I need a highly challenging environment to achieve even more. Owing to these records, I comfortably avail my strengths for scrutiny from your institution. I am hopefully looking forward to realising my dreams at your institution.