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Human Rights Activity

My professional interest without a doubt is to improve human rights around the globe. I have been mostly the most understanding and caring in my group of friends. It’s unfortunate for me to see that most people are unable to access their most basic rights in a world where we revolutionized to status of civilization. My aim is to work in an international organization, more so an international criminal because this is where I feel I will be more suitable to fulfill my passion.

I have had the satisfying opportunity in some activities in line with my passion; I have worked in a larger capacity as a volunteer translator for Korean immigrants, taught Korean to female immigrants at a human research center and currently I’m in charge of a project in Korea to champion the rights of immigrant women. These volunteer experiences have really opened my eyes to a bigger picture and various angles of satisfying my goal of equal human rights

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With this in mind, I feel that a business program could give me the proper cutting I need to fulfill my passion I visited your website and your expansive approach to the field I believe will equip me to address problems such as human rights issues affecting businesses globally and the strategies deployed. By attending your university, I believe I will broaden and intensify my knowledge in business and human rights.

As it is, my reasons for transferring to your university, Fordham University is purely academic. I have the most wonderful lectures in my current university though at the moment my focus has slightly shifted in which my current university is at the moment unable to accommodate. I am now forward to feel at home in Fordham University and gain a wealth of experience.