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Graduate Admission Essay

I have always had a passion to study and practice in the field of accounts I find it an intriguing subject which has been developed by being a financial analyst. Through CPA one is exposed to the pros and cons associated with the business models and income and investments. This includes ways in which as a profession I can advice my clients how best to handle their finances and ensuring businesses are always at a competitive advantage. By studying financial analysis one is able to advice clients correctly as they plan to invest and make recommendations to others on the investments they can pursue so as to get the best returns.

It has been a great passion for me working in the business setting and this can be seen in the various places I have worked all through my career. Having taken part in tax research make me top of the league in the profession because the clients deserve to have the best value for their money in terms of a well qualified profession. It also shows the zeal in me to pursue this subject so as work as a professional.

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My goal is also to come up with proper budgetary and accounting records for which they can be able to reflect correctly to avoid any form of misconception for the companies that I work for. I can help a company with the consent of the board of directors with a proper audits, one can be able to prevent law suits over the tax issues. Upon attaining my financial and accountancy qualifications, I can use my knowledge to educate the community especially upcoming small-scale entrepreneurs to make good use of the investment that they use for investments into ventures that are guaranteed to give the best of profits and to them. The acquired knowledge will not only be of help to me personally but I will also transfer it to the community where I can be involved in accounting for community projects and training groups how they can plan on their finances. These persons more often than not do not get the proper guidance in business and end up being frustrated with failed businesses after incurring huge losses.

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My aim is always developing the skills in financial studies and has a passion on how business run. I will greatly specialize on the systems of business and how they can be able to diversify and cash in with diversity. This should be the case for all those who venture in business and having to inform them of the main ways in which they should all be able to avoid risk. All this should be entailed together with informing them of tax policies which are used to make business conductible. By giving me this chance you will contribute greatly to achieving my career objectives and aspirations; this is because I will be able to create a proper link between the business fraternity, the education sector and the community.

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As a good financial analyst I will be able to change as per the changing trends and improve with the changing times and technologies to level up with development. This will be an added advantage for me, since I am already skilled in the area and thus assist me in keeping at par with new advances and also coming up with a way of coming up with the newest developments of the various fields and according to the consumers and clients needs. The professional training will also assist me in my dream career of becoming a financial consultant and thus venture in the newest sectors yet to be explored and the different ways in which the community can be able to get the most suitable options. This is the reason why I need to be undertaking the necessary courses in the school; in view of the fact that it will allow me attain all my educational requirements.