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Cold War Presidencies

During the cold war, the United States Americans had different ways of handling the situation. The success of the presidents involved in the period was determined by their success in guarding the United States’ interests against the enemies. Not all the administrations guarded the country’s interests well. Explicitly, Truman, Kennedy, Regan and Bush Senior managed to protect the states’ interests.

To begin with, Truman was effective in his leadership during the cold because he was a in the forefront of helping the countries that were being endangered by the communists countries. His strong leadership and democratic interests enabled him to drive away the Soviet Union from escalating its territories in other countries. Therefore, he successful played a major role in the protection of the United States’ interests during the cold war (Herring 55).

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Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States and the Army General was also one of the influential presidents in the United States during the cold war. Upon obtaining a treaty in Korea, the president worked tirelessly in his two terms in office. He intended to reduce the tensions that were building up in the country because of the cold war. He even proposed that the US and the Russian governments exchange each other’s military blue prints of establishments. This also could also provide aerial photography in both countries. He also pursued a balanced budget, middle course, and Fair and New Deal programs (Hamilton and Ian 186).

Additionally, the John Kennedy is one of the US presidents that fought for the western interest during the cold war. Being a tough warrior in the cold war, Kennedy played it really tough on the nations that promoted communism. Upon winning the presidential elections, he promised total determination to assure citizens of liberty. In his bid to win the war, Kennedy managed to overthrow the South Vietnamese president, Ngo Dinh Diem. Despite the risks taken and challenges, the president played a major role in maintaining the western interests during the cold war (Offner 54).

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Furthermore, Ronald Regan as one of the United States’ president was highly instrumental in the campaigning for the end of the world war. He became the world’s role model of peace when he took part in the acceleration of the cold war’s end. During his political leadership, he helped the United States to advance so fast in technology that the Soviet Union could not beat them. He gave the Soviet Union a lot of pressure from the defense that he provided by the deployment of the missiles in the European world. He also helped in the fight of the Nicaragua’s Sandinistas, by supporting the rebels (Hamilton and Ian 187).

President Bush senior also facilitated the end of the cold war after taking over office from Ronal Regan. He was influential in the implementation of the former regime’s strategies to end the cold war. In 2992, the president with the Russian president Boris Yeltsin announced the end of the cold war (Offner 58). This was made possible by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because he ruled during the hard economic times in the United States, he managed to put the country together, and executed the last efforts towards the end of the cold war. Therefore, Bush Senior effectively protected his people’s interest during the cold war.

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In conclusion, many US presidents ruled during the cold war. However, only a few of them managed to safeguard the citizens’ interests during the cold war. Some of the successful leaders include Presidents Kennedy, Regan, Bush Senior, Eisenhower and Truman.