Free «Socio History of the U.S from 1920-1963» Essay Sample

Socio History of the U.S from 1920-1963


United States of America is the world super power after battling for a long time with Russia and finally after Russia’s disintegration it was left to dominate the position; it dominates with leading economy and technology, although, other nations have come up and challenged it. This country has been battling with many unique challenges including racism, due to the slave trade that took place in the earlier centuries. Africans in America came in through the slave trade, and since then there have been fights about the rights of these Africans, who later intermarried with the Americans, and brought up a new people and culture. In the early 20th century, the main battle in the U.S was the equality of rights between these two races, also the women. The other nations also have put high expectations from the U.S, being the world super power, which failure to achieve means that it is failing like a nation.

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The United States of America has a rich history having shaken off the challenges in the 20th Century. Her socio history is punctuated by vicious fight against racial discrimination, rise in feminist movements, and mega advancements in health care sector. These areas are highlighted in this essay.

Anti-Racist Movements

After the intermarriage, of the Americans and Africans, there came up a race that it named African Americans (today they are black Americans); this race was greatly undermined that led to rising up of movements that could fight for their rights. For example, the blacks and the white were not allowed to share schools, they were discriminated from job positions, farmers were made to wait on queues for long for loans that they needed; blacks were not also allowed to hold top government positions like the presidential. Those who were very radical were assassinated as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther; who fought for the African American civil rights, and he also lead peaceful demonstrations against racism.

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Feminism and gender equality

Women are still in the fight to liberate themselves from discrimination due to their sex; men have always dominated in all areas of life including all leadership positions and politics, which drives all nations. Feminists’ agenda was racism, sexual and class divisions amongst the female gender (Mankiller, 2000). Women were only allowed or supposed to perform domestic roles, and take position at the back as the men steered the country. Feminists went ahead to fight for rights of lesbians and legalization of abortion(which was done in 21st century), they also realized that there was racism amongst the women in that the white women were considered of higher priority than the black women.

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Health Care

U.S has always been a capitalist society this means that as the rich got richer the poor became poorer; and in most of these cases, the poor have been the blacks. Some deadly diseases like HIV/AIDs originated from U.S, which posed a great challenge to the Americans and especially with the vice of racism. U.S has since then tried to come up with measures that could assist their citizens to deal with the health issues. Modern medicine in the U.S began in the 1920s coming up with doctors who again were very expensive for the common citizen to afford. U.S then came up with health insurance to assist the locals to fund themselves for medical bills that was called ‘the blues’; premiums in this organization were reasonably low for a majority to afford it. With this start, U.S took the idea of health insurance serious, and this had been debated until when they elected the 44th president who signed the bill (Jonathan, 2008).

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As much as U.S is called the world super power other nations have risen to the challenge, and it is experiencing as much turbulence as other nations. The world will always look up to U.S for world solutions of economy politics and social; therefore, they ought to lead the path and fight with the vices in their country.