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The Revolution of 1800

In this revolution, Thomas Jefferson won the elections and succeeded the former Federalist President John Adams, thus there was change in government from Federalist Party to Democratic Republican Party.

The main point of contention was the Federal government imposition of the Tax on the United States’ citizens in order to assist in assembling and preparing a new army and navy in the war of 1798 versus France which did not actually get into substantial physical confrontation between the two countries.

The second issue was the subsequent Alien and Sedition Act heavily supported by the Federalists. This Act consisted of four bills that were signed and made Law by the then President John Adams. The act was meant to cover The United States of America from French citizens within the country incase they were tempted or actually did anything to assist France in the war. The act further targeted the Media from carrying out any communication that would weaken the position held by the United States government especially in matters concerning the war against France.

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This was however biased against Democratic Republican Newspaper editors. Therefore, the two highlighted matters greatly aggravated the political tension in the country between the two major parties and the republicans came out campaigning with so much intensity to the extent of catching the attention of some Federal Party members and representatives within the voting Circles.

This was indeed revolutionary because the elections exposed and highlighted one of the major weaknesses in the United States Constitution. Originally, members of the Electoral College which widely comprised of selected political representatives were the only ones allowed to vote for the president. They were also mandated to vote twice and the second popular candidate automatically became the vice president. It should be noted that the voting was done in the open thus every voters stand was known. The representatives could also discuss openly why they preferred one candidate to the other during the actual voting.

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In this particular election, there was a tie between Thomas Jefferson for the Republicans and Aaron Burr for the Federalists. This made the state to pass over the responsibility about the stalemate to the House Representatives who were meant to vote once again and decide on the final winner of the elections. A tie also ensued but the final voter who was from the Federal Party side made the deciding call. Mr. Alexander Hamilton who disliked both candidates openly voted for Thomas Jefferson. He did not hide his reasons and clearly stated that he preferred Jefferson of the two in spite of his political affiliation. This choice cost him his life although it made Jefferson prevail.

The incident led to correction of the constitutional weakness concerning presidential election through the Twelfth Amendment which ensured that voters had to make a secret decision (vote) on whom their preferred presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate was. This was entirely meant to safeguard and protect the life and right of voters in making political decisions. Therefore this revolution was relevant because it impacted across other departments in the government and within the daily lives of the American citizens.