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Building Leadership for Health


Healthcare structure has become an important global issue. However, countries like Switzerland that have effective and proper functioning health care system have experienced benefits such as having a productive and healthy population. Despite this, even such countries have continued to experience challenges due to the ever-deteriorating adherence to the public health rule. The latter has prompted several countries to sign an agreement pact, which proclaims that they have a common approach towards health care programs. Healthcare structures, just like any other organization, require sound and effective organizational management practices in line with strengthening their leadership systems.

Importance of Having an Effective Leadership in the Health Sector

One of the most significant factors that determine the success of a healthcare organization is that its management requires a well laid down the structure of its leadership. Health care settings are one of the most important sectors that need a careful and systematic evaluation of various education concepts (Lister, 2007). For instance, there are numerous training programs provided by different health practitioners (Lister, 2007). Furthermore, experimental learning is one of the many approaches that leaders in the health pondered on using (Lister, 2007). For instance, in countries such as the Czech Republic, health practitioners require undergoing a series of training to gain vast knowledge about their field of work (Lister, 2007). The training programs have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they increase effectiveness in leadership and service delivery in the country.

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One of the accrued benefits of such educational programs is creating a platform where health workers can share some of the challenges or experiences they had to undergo in the course of delivering their services to patients (Lister, 2007). Such training programs provide them with the necessary knowledge and experience requisite for carrying out reforms in the health sector (Lister, 2007).

One of the programs deemed important in helping members develop good leadership traits is Building Leadership for Health (BLFH) (Lister, 2007). The main objective of the program is to conduct free training programs to support health care systems in developed and developing countries (Lister, 2007). The main aim of the provision of the leadership program is to promote unity as a factor required when it comes to interrelationship performance (Lister, 2007).

Importance of Education in the Public Health Sector

Education in public health, just like leadership, is a crucial phenomenon that determines the success of the sector. Effective education is a necessary ingredient that helps one realize good readjustment in terms of having an effectual education. Therefore, there are multifaceted elements of the health care that require overhaul restructuring by inducing an effective educational programs (Merchant, Cook, & Missen, 2007). Examples of health faculties where educational programs are important include the biostatistics, anthropology, gender-related issues in health, among other factors.

Human capital development rests on the level of human resource competence. One way in which people increase their competence is the provision of education (Merchant et al., 2007). Education programs mean much in terms of improving the level of service delivery by the health care professions. Additionally, the creation of a good network with other public health systems can boost the education system in the sector (Merchant et al., 2007).

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Integrating technology in the health care structure is another way in which organizational effectiveness can be realized. Therefore, the system should adopt the use of the information and communications technology (ICT) program (Merchant et al., 2007). Indeed, many institutions should aim at creating an effective ICT program in different health care units to increase the literacy level of all participants. Thus, the participants would be able to gather vast information through the internet, increasing knowledge about various health related issues.

Concisely, embracing technology in the health care provides necessary information for the promising trend of health care development. However, health care providers should take care to ensure that adopted technology is capable of helping health care professions accomplish and realize the desired results in a swift manner.

Analysis of Diplomacy in Global Health

According to Kickbusch, Novothy, Drager, Silberchmidt, and Alcazar (2007), the public health organization is a comprehensive system that entails various crosscutting matters. Globally, public health issues are examined using a wide range of points of view. Examples of the vital fields include conceptual education, trade, among others. According to Kickbusch et al. (2007), an interrelationship between foreign and health policies is highly probable. Many governments are committed to ensuring that their respective health care systems are oriented on their foreign policies (Kickbusch et al., 2007). On the other hand, substantial urge and drive require health policies to drive foreign policies of such governments to ensure the protection of the national security, economic advancement, and increased rate of free trade. The UK is a good example of a country that has pondered on establishing proper policies that are in line with the government’s development agenda (Kickbusch et al., 2007). Moreover, the UK has ensured that such policies are prepared in full consideration of the health care as one of the most important human right aspects. As a result, the country has realized positive gains in terms of globalizing its health care structures and investment policies, among other issues (Kickbusch et al., 2007).

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Countries should take a step of embracing “Global Health Security Initiative,” which should aim at ensuring that there would be sturdy global health preparedness and response (Kickbusch et al., 2007). Forming a global partnership between different countries based on matters pertaining to health will boost the noble initiative. Examples of the countries that have already adopted the approach include the UK, Germany, Italy, and France (Kickbusch et al., 2007). World Health Organization participated during the signing by ensuring adequate technical support (Kickbusch et al., 2007).

Building of Sound Leadership System in the Health Sector

To realize improved leadership system, the health sector needs to embrace the use of the BLFH system, especially, in the developing countries where training resources should be made free. The health care practitioners should be ready to follow a systematic procedure regarding BLFH, which will help them come up with a sound leadership structure (Lister, 2007). First, there should be pre-course reading to ensure that all participants of the program are adequately prepared. Secondly, the course should be introduced to evoke minds of the participants earlier before their experiences (Lister, 2007). The next step should rest on creating a framework that will be used for discussion on various management and leadership issues, which relate to various health care theories.

The next step should entail providing examples that will offer a solution to various management and leadership challenges. Thereafter, the participants should make the use of good innovation a responsibility to have effective team leadership in addition to providing coaching support in the health care sector (Lister, 2007). The participants should be given a chance to present their personal experiences and challenges. The next step should dwell on creating a reflection on the learning outcomes to help the attendees create practical actions. Lastly, the attendees should be mentored and encouraged to give their feedback to create reinforced pact of personal development, ensuring that there is an effective service delivery in the healthcare structures (Lister, 2007). BLFH helps shape up leadership, public participation, community leadership, planning future health care, among other factors.

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Comparison of the Education System Used in Swiss Public Health and That Used In America

It is worth noting that the Swiss government has the second best and expensive healthcare structure in the world fragmented in 26 areas or cantons. These cantons are estimated to serve a population of about 7.5 million (Ackermann-Liebrich, Nocera, & Merten, 2007). However, they have different approaches towards their respective health care structures in terms of legislation, structure, and policies. One of the most stringent policies is ensuring a compulsory healthcare insurance for everyone (Ackermann-Liebrich et al., 2007). In the recent past, external forces such as business economists and lawyers have interfered with the country’s health care, thus, lowering its quality.

However, the country’s university sector and the government have offered new solutions. The duo came up with ‘Swiss School of Public Health.’ The body was assigned the overall mandate of improving and coordinating various public health programs offered in the country (Ackermann-Liebrich et al., 2007).

On the other hand, the American healthcare system lacks a well-structured healthcare system, adequate opportunities, and laboratory facilities that can be used to create an effective health care system (Fee & Bu, 2007). Initiation of various programs aimed at addressing the menace has ended up becoming unsatisfactory or having inadequacies. As a result, America has found itself in a state of deficiency of public health and medical education (Fee & Bu, 2007). The overall blame lies with the government as various bodies blame it for being insensitive to the issue (Fee & Bu, 2007).


Healthcare structure is an important issue that requires sound, comprehensive, and systematic approach to improve its effectiveness. Countries should come up with stringent measures that would seek to separate health care sector from external destructive forces. Moreover, globalizing the issue should be another factor that different states should ponder on adopting as a part of redeeming the sector. For instance, countries that have not yet signed agreement pacts that seek to unify health care programs should follow suit like their predecessors. Only then, will the matter of health care find a permanent solution.