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Global Talent Differences

Global trends in working hours show that different countries have different working hours (OECD, 2016). HR directors are responsible for helping an employee adjust to the international variations and handle compensation issues.

Pros of 40-hour week versus 30-hour week:

Having a 40-hour week means that more tasked are accomplished if employees adhere to work procedures. More tasks are completed when working hours are long; consequently, overall organizational productivity increases.

Longer working hours also minimize the need for compensated over-time work. More working hours mean that more tasks are completed in a relatively short time; hence, the need for paid overt-time is reduced.  

Cons of 40-hour week versus 30-hour week:

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Longer working hours adversely affect the work-life balance of employees. Their desire to balance personal and professional life makes them review their jobs that ensure a work-life harmony. Long work hours deny employees ample time for socialization and family. Fewer working hours, on the other hand, give employees more time for social activities.

Working 40 hour as compared to 30 hours also makes employees get fatigue. Long working hours easily tire employees, and this affects their productivity (Rorgerson, 2006). When employees are tired, mistakes are done thus resulting in poor performance. It also takes longer time to complete the tasks as the job has to be repeated to eliminate errors. When employees have to redo work, they lose morale because they feel that their output is unsatisfactory.  

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Responding to the case

The number of weekly working hours varies from one country to another. The labor laws in Germany allow for 30 hour weeks (Mathis, & Jackson, 2011). If such an employee moves to a country with a 40-hour week, he/she would have a problem adjusting especially if the pay remains the same. The HR director is responsible for handling the delicate issues of employee compensation. As an HR, one has to be creative with the approaches for dealing with the expatriate employee to avoid getting the employee disgruntled. The HR must provide a reasoned rationale as to why the employee’s pay remains the same despite having additional working hours. The approaches include educating a German employee about the concept of global work schedules. It is also advisable to explain to the employee that different countries have varying numbers of work hours that are permitted by law. The HR should explain and prove that the remuneration offered for 40-hours week is adequate and fair for the country. The employee should be made aware that the skills and experience he/she has qualify for a given amount of pay in the new location.

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The HR director may also conduct a job analysis to identify any unique capabilities that the incumbent has that may warrant additional pay. If the incumbent has skills, abilities, or knowledge that could be an asset to the organization and that the organization does not have, then the HR might consider allowing for additional pay. However, if no unique skills are being brought by the incumbent, the 40-hours week pay is justified. The purpose of conducting job analysis, in this case, is to prove to the German employee why he is entitled to the set pay and no more.

Alternatively, the employee may work the additional 10 hours from home. If the organizational policies permit for flexible working schedules, the employee may work 30 hours from the office and 10 hours from home. Such an arrangement ensures that the employee works the required 40 hours per week without negatively affecting his work-life balance (Mathis, & Jackson, 2011). The organization is also able to achieve maximum output by providing an environment that promotes employee productivity. Forcing the German employee to work 40 hours may disgruntle him thus hampering productivity.  

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Global scheduling differences present a complex challenge for HR directors who are responsible for addressing HR issues. Providing reasoned rationale supported by evidence is the best way of addressing compensation issues while ensuring that employees do not get disgruntled.

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