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Risk Assessment Plan

There are plenty of methods to evaluate the risks associated with hazardous material or numerous other industrial events. However, the day-to-day life is also full of risks that can be avoided or decreased in order to improve the quality of life. Therefore, risk assessment planning is an essential mean not only to shape the expectations about potential threats but also adjust working processes in a way that would minimize possible losses, harms and various severe consequences for environmental or health spheres. In addition, the occupational-level physical hazards are always connected with cognitive abilities, emotional state and skill requirements (Ford & Wiggins, 2012). In such a way, this paper will demonstrate how risk evaluation can become useful on the example of three situations.

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In any working place or home, one of the common threats that can happen is a fire. Mainly faulty electricity or arson are the possible reasons for the fire in the office. The task being performed when the risk might occur can be different starting with working on the computer to having a rest or eating. Therefore, it is not dependent on the actions of the average worker. The risk can occur in the office, shop, home or any other place that has electricity faults or that is not guarded from the possible dangerous ill-wishers. Fire can be regarded as a physical and partially psychological hazard (Gantt, 2009). Among the consequences are property damage, physical and psychological harm to people and deaths. Regarding the actions that have to be taken as soon as the hazard is detected, the evacuation and the fire brigade call are the first steps. At the same time, it is desirable to turn off the circuit breaker and apply fire extinguishers for neutralization of the smaller ignitions. However, it is required if the situation is not too dangerous and the fire has not embraced a large territory and does not present a threat to life or is close to any substance that is prone to fire (Health and Safety Executive, 2012). Regarding the fact that preventing any hazard is more effective than fighting with its consequences, there are some risk-preventing measures. It is important to conduct and regularly review fire risk assessment of the premises, instruct the staff in risks, maintain appropriate fire safety measures, instruction and training, and hold a plan for an emergency with emergency exits and routes. The evacuation plan and fire extinguishers should be available in case the fire happens.

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Another common hazard that can be met quite often is dependent on the weather. Slips and trips can happen when one enters or exits some building such as a working office, home or shop. Rain or snow that can make the stairs slippery and uneven surfaces are the factors that contribute to the possible slips. Any person who enters the building (staff, customers, relatives or other visitors) can be hurt or injured. The inattentive attitude to such liability of the building parts to the environmental influences is quite dangerous. According to the hazards classification, it is a physical hazard (Gantt, 2009). However, the possible falls can cause not only injuries or property damage but also death. Once this hazard occurs, it is necessary to provide help to the injured. Regarding the actions that should be taken to prevent accidents or decrease the risk, it is necessary to maintain the equipment properly and prevent leaks on the floor, drainage channels and drip trays where spills are likely to happen. Moreover, safety-critical glazing can be used, sharp and dangerous instruments need to be stored in the suitable places, spillages and stairs should be cleaned regularly, and carpets need to be firmly secured. Furthermore, it is vital to clearly highlight changes in floor levels, install kick boards where needed, use cable covers for all electrical cables (Health and Safety Executive, 2012). It is also possible to put the sign nearby that would attract people’s attention and inform about the possible danger. If it is referred to the office, the working staff has to be instructed in the possible danger, and the technical managers are responsible for the state of the floor and doorways. The first-aid box should be available to take care about the injured.

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The third hazard that can be associated with work or home is the dangerous height. The examples of it are working on the balcony at home as well as with some lighting rig or some sign boards at work. Falls from any height can lead to bruising and potentially serious injuries or even death. In addition, work on the balcony can also be connected with glass shuttering or falling from different levels, depending on the floor. Such physical hazard can cause various damages, shock and obviously injuries (Gantt, 2009). Therefore, it is crucial to take all possible means to help a person who fell down and those who happened to be around as quickly as possible. Giving help to one who fell, calling the emergency and providing first aid are the steps that should be taken right after the accident. Moreover, it is essential to take steps to avoid the hazard. Therefore, performance platforms need to be fenced with safe means, the staff working on the lighting rig or at height has to be competent and a person working at home has to know the basic rules of safe behavior at height. Furthermore, the ladders can be used for short-time jobs that take less than 30 minutes, otherwise the appropriate equipment is necessary (Health and Safety Executive, 2012). Therefore, the knowledge of the basic safety rules and the special equipment are essential factors that can let one decrease or avoid severe consequences of the risks that are connected with work at height.