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A disagreement may be the beginning of an interesting learning process. Conflicts are useful for analyzing an urgent problem that must be resolved. The issue is not to let the conflict to continue forever.

When I worked at the clothing store I have been the witness of a conflict between two salespersons. Carlos and Robert do the same job. Both of them have the same job title. They had good relationships without disagreements. One day, the chief discovered that the sales decreased so he had to do something. In order not to lose the profit he reduced the salary of employees, but promised to give bonuses to the salary of the best seller. In such a way, he wanted his fellow workers to do their best instead of skiving. This decision turned the friends into competitors who wanted to earn as much money as possible. When it was time to pay, each of them thought that he is the best, but the boss gave the bonus to Carlos. He sold little more goods than his coworker. Robert disagreed with such decision and tried to prove that he is best, but the director was adamant. Robert felt disappointed and talked with Carlos about it. They began to argue with each other. Carlos claimed that he did his best to be the first seller and everything is done justly, but Robert offended him. The salespersons started to swear for nothing.

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When people work together and fired up or some changes take place, conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. It does not mean that the working process seems to go wrong, but when an incident happens it is not the end of the life. Communication plays a great role in escalating of conflicts. Every person needs to be understood and understand the standpoints of others. The boss and Carlos should have convinced Robert that everything is fine and the competition must be fair. At the same time, the chief has to do the reward system gentler and clearer.

Ethical Behavior

Communication is an essential part of human experience. Communicating helps people to develop relationship, understand other individuals and the world mankind lives in. Ethical behavior in management communication is one of such issues.

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Ethical standards play an important role in protection of company’s interests. The employees who are treated with dignity and understanding, who take a pride in their company and its ethics, lead to the firm reaching good indicators. One of the most obvious indicators of employees’ opinion of their company is their attitude to the work.

For example, the boss of Robert and Carlos should have paid attention to the ethical standards in his store in order to protect its reputation and relationship between his workers. In this organizational example is seen the lack of ethical standards in the management communications. Besides the aspiration to sell as much as possible, the boss should not neglect the principles, such as trust, fairness, kindness, and good behavior within organization. Donald Baack (2012) claimed that management communication is a necessary process for the company. It is a non-stop process that goes beyond just implementing of different systems. It provides the implementation of modern communication technologies that may lead to better outcomes in the quality of goods and services and cultivation of positive environment for staff members (Baack, 2012).

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After all, the leader of an organization that has full understanding of importance of management communication is in the better position to develop effective means of transmitting the messages. It can help to run a company more effectively with better chances of reaching successful outcomes.

Group Communication

Group communication differs from an individual communication. It is because when many persons are involved in the decision making process many efforts are required to process every person’s input. It can be time consuming to conclude for a small quantity of people looking for reaching the goals. Meanwhile they work through the differences that exist. The same methods apply in cases when communicating to an individual. Communicating involves participating in active listening, showing respect, providing feedback, and being honest. In a case a team is formed for a special aim to reach the objectives, effective communicational skills are necessary. Talking about communication, there are unique challenges within the group. Primarily, proper planning can prevent wasting time and energy. For instance, when people are grouped for a special assignment, the manager or team leader forming the group should be concrete about the reason for the groups’ formation. Also providing an agenda and assigning the main roles sustains order and helps the team in reaching the desired results sooner rather than later. Strong leader, for example, can dominate the group and direct it away from the intended agenda (Baack, 2012).

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In other cases, one or more motivated enthusiastic members with more experience in a specific area may carry the work load inadvertently fostering social loafing from other participants. As a probable solution when it happens, the leader of another active member may assign duties to those required guidance and direction. Making group cohesion is also a significant part for success in reaching the team goals.