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Windshield Survey Miami, Florida


In comparison with other questionnaires, interviews, surveys and observations, windshield survey is a form of collecting data that can be used by a nurse or healthcare professional. It facilitates an individual task to gather information regarding a given community. One needs to physically observe the residential district by going through it (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2010). Moreover, this method allows the individual to know some things about the community (Griffiths & Bridges, 2010). The neighborhood to be surveyed is Allapattah, which is in Miami, Florida. It has more than 13,000 households (City Data, n.d.). Understanding this community allows a nursing professional to understand some issues to expect when working in the community.


Allapattah’s locals gave this place a nickname - Little D.R. A part of the community is located in Metropolitan Miami. Another part belongs to Miami City. The northern border of the residential district is characterized by Airport Expressway. The southern border, on the other hand, is made up by Dolphin Expressway and the Miami River. Interstate 1-95 comprises the eastern border of the neighborhood. Finally, the western border is limited by Northwest 27th Avenue (FL HomeTown Locator, n.d.).

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Housing and Zoning

There is a significant share of houses that are privately owned. The community is mixed with both relatively new and old houses. The old houses were mainly built in the 1950s and 1960s after the displacement of the black community. The building happened due to the North-South Expressway construction.

The majority of the houses are in good condition. Despite the fact that a few houses are in the project part of the community, the majority of the houses have proper plumbing, conditioning, heating, and space between them. However, as expected, the projects part of the neighborhood lacks spaces between residential homes as well as heating, modern plumbing, and conditioning. 

The community has recently undergone rezoning. For instance, initially, R-3 and R-4 zones were highly residential (Leagle, n.d.). However, the zone was changed to C-5; hence it turned to commercial usage because of the high industrial activity.

Open Space

The neighborhood is characterized by open space both outside and inside the houses. Although the open spaces vary in size, the majority of homes are decent. Most families have a dining area, a lounge, a kitchen, bathroom(s), a garage, and bedrooms. Although the bedrooms vary in number, they are large enough to serve the basic purposes.

Houses in the projects part of the community are limited in space. While the houses may have a living room/lounge, they fail to have a proper dining area. The majority of the family members have to share the bathroom as most of the families have only one. Outside, such areas, children have to play on the streets, hence exposed to such risks as being ran over by cars. However, there are a few areas that have been designated for recreational purposes.

The spaces in the majority of the community are attractive. Families have made attempts to create a picturesque landscape in one way or another. Some people have well-mowed lanes while others have put some form of a garden in order to enhance beauty. Families in the projects part of the community have tried to beautify their spaces by putting potted flowers or any other materials that can make outside spaces attractive.


There are various areas where people in the neighborhood hang out. There are numerous clubs, pubs, coffee shops, diners, and restaurants in the community where people go to spend some time with friends after working hours. Moreover, such community centers as Allapattah Action Community Center and the YMCA Family Centre assist young people in order to progress their talents.

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The young people also like to meet in the libraries. The examples of such places are Allapattah Library and the medical Center Library. People also like to spend time in various parks in the region such as Melrose, Comstac, and Santa Clara. However, the Curtis Park is out of use currently because of its toxic state.

While the community centers are mainly open from 9a.m to 6p.m, there are exceptions on request. The clubs are mainly open from 5p.m in the evening to around 5a.m in the morning. The restaurants and diners are open and closed at various times. However, parents and other older people in the community are concerned about the clubs because they have become habitable areas for drug and other illegal activities. However, community based centers, religious groups, and programs are playing a significant role in ensuring that the young people are being steered in the right direction.


People in this neighborhood use various means of transportation. They mainly use personal cars and public transports such as trains as well as buses. As for public transport, the Miami Metrotrail and Metrobus serve the community at Earlington Heights, Allapattah, and Santa Clara.

Community members who want to travel using air transport use the Airport Expressway bordering the community in the northern part of it or the Miami International Airport. The majority of the roads are in good condition, although improvements are needed.

Social Service Centers

As indicated earlier, the place has numerous social service centers and areas. There are parks, community centers, and other areas where the community members can recreate as well as grow their talents and abilities. Melrose, Comstac, and Santa Clara parks are areas used as recreational ones. Community centers such as Allapattah Action Community Center and the YMCA Family Centre also serve the neighborhood members in various ways.

The Antonia Gerstacker Mural is a gallery that serves its purpose in facilitating the people to recreate. Moreover, the water bodies in the area such as the Miami River play a significant role in providing a base for water-based recreational activities. The Everglades National Park also serves as a recreational facility as people carry out such activities as hiking in this part of the community.

The areas are also bombarded with other facilities that offer social services. The Allapattah Library and the Medical Center Library offer library services to the community members. Neighborhood members can get medical services from such centers as Hialeah Hospital, South-Dade Community Health Center, and Family Health Center, amongst others. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami and Bruce W. Carter Veterans Affairs Medical Center are some of the centers offering special services to the community members. 

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The elementary and high schools in the neighborhood are numerous. They include Maya Angelou Elementary, Melrose Elementary, Santa Clara Elementary, Charles Drew Middle School, Mater Academy Middle School of International Studies, and Allapattah Middle School, amongst others.


Allapattah community members get their groceries and other shopping items through various avenues. The 20th street, for example, has all types of stores where people can do all kinds of shopping. Most of the groceries and foodstuffs can be found in the stores found at almost every turn in the neighborhood. The community has also invented other ways of generating its food sources. There are those who have turned to the option of growing food themselves. It is mainly applicable to the people who have the means to grow it and the ones who want to eat organic products. It is relevant to indicate that the community is not a food desert. There is plenty of food in the region.

Street People and Animals

During the day, the streets have different types of people. There are people of diverse ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds. There are children who are going to school in the morning, who will also be seen coming from school in the afternoon. There are adults going to work or performing various kinds of activities. There are also people, especially teenagers, who appear to be idling on the streets. The rest of the community members are afraid that this group of people is mainly dealing with drugs and other illegal activities.

There are animals on the streets, too. However, these are domestic animals. Although one or two stray dogs, cats or other types of common pets can be seen crossing one street or another, the majority of the animals on the streets are in the company of an adult. The most common types of these animals are dogs and cats being taken for walks by an adult.

Condition of the Area

The community area is well kept. Although there are few areas that need to be cleaned, especially in the projects part of the community, most of the areas are clean. The community has a program that encourages the members to clean their front yards as well as the areas surrounding them. This program has greatly facilitated the members in keeping the areas clean.

Race and Ethnicity

The largest group in the community is made up of Caucasians. The African-American people comprise the second largest group in the neighborhood. The other races account for a very small share of the community. The two main races have tried to own businesses as well as engage in community development activities. However, the Caucasians dominate the larger part of business owners as well as people engaging in community development activities. Although the schools and other public facilities are characterized by all races, schools in the higher end of the community have more Caucasians than African-Americans. On the other hand, schools in the lower-end of the community reveal more blacks and people from other races than whites.

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The main religion in the community is Christianity as indicated by the various churches. However, there are other places of worship such as a mosque and a temple for the Jews. There are other religious leaders who offer religious leadership from other religions, even though there may not be physical evidence of the same.

Health Indicators

As indicated earlier, the community is characterized by such hospitals as Hialeah Hospital, South-Dade Community Health Center, and Family Health Center. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Miami and Bruce W. Carter Veterans Affairs Medical Center offer special services to the neighborhood members.  


Although the community is not a center for political activities, there are various Democrats and Republican offices in the area. However, during the electoral campaign period, different areas are turned into political centers. For instance, during the Obama Campaign, Little Habana was set as a political facility.


People in Allapattah read newspapers, listen to radio, and watch television. One of the top radio stations in the community is FL WLRN aired on 91.3 FM. The neighborhood also watches television stations that are viewed by the rest of the nation through cable TV. The Washington Post as well as other newspapers delivered to the community are also read by the members.

Business and Industry

The community is mainly concentrated on the light-weight industry. The industry is mainly focused on such light-weight products as clothes. However, community members have engaged in all forms of businesses because of the community that is in Metropolitan Miami.


A professional working in the community will mainly encounter Caucasian and African-American patients. The distribution of health facilities indicates that giving medical professional care is facilitated. Since the region is not so highly populated, the flow of work is average. moreover, the industrious activities in the region indicate that a professional will encounter issues present in moderately fast communities.