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Achieving Nursing Informatics Technologies essay

Nursing is an information intensive profession since information is critical in its practice and decision-making processes. Almost every aspect of family health nursing practice at the community level requires various types of information. These ...

Ethical Concerns in Nursing essay

Ethics are an important determinant of how a member of a profession is supposed to act, relate and carry out professional tasks. Code of nursing ethics guides nurses in their daily responsibility of providing quality nursing care to the patient ...

Ethics in Nursing Education essay

Nursing education in the United States faces numerous ethical issues which have often been overlooked in the past years. Ethics in nursing education is a broad topic, as nursing education issues vary from being faculty centered to student centered ...
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Lack of Physician-Nurse Collaboration essay

Articulation of Response The relentless and rapid evolution and development of the health care system brings with it the urge to revisit vital concepts, including the collaboration between the physician and the nurse. The health care system demands ...

Mental Illness and Homelessness essay

Homelessness is a serious and growing social problem in America and the whole world. Severe mental illness is considered to be third largest cause of homelessness not only in the United States of America but also in some other parts of the world ...

Planning for Change, Implementing, and Evaluating EBP Projects essay

Introduction Planning for change should be held responsible by all partners through identifying all important aspects in implementing changes. Resolving the issues experienced in implementing these projects helps in making it successful. The ...
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Societal Trends in Nursing and Patient Education Paper essay

This millennium has brought the unexpected challenges as well as opportunities for the nursing profession. Such trends have also affected the academic institutions associated with preparing the future generation of nurses. Today, the population ...

Strategies to Combat the Growing Shortage of Nurses essay

Clinicians, nurses, and patients are highly concerned about the nursing shortage because it continues to increase nationwide. An unpleasant and stressing work environment is another aspect that significantly contributes to this issue. The lack of ...

Windshield Survey: City of Miami Florida essay

Geographical Description Miami and its suburbs are situated on a plain between Biscayne Bay to the east and Florida Everglades to the west. The elevation of the area is approximately 40ft and around 6ft in the neighborhood areas, particularly the ...
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Windshield Survey Miami, Florida essay

Introduction In comparison with other questionnaires, interviews, surveys and observations, windshield survey is a form of collecting data that can be used by a nurse or healthcare professional. It facilitates an individual task to gather ...