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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton who is a state secretary of the United State was born in 1967 in Chicago. She went to schools in Park Ridge and attended Maine High School and graduated in 1965. She was not raised in a political background but she found herself participating in the presidential election in 1960 when she lived in south Chicago. In 1964 she was a volunteer in campaigning for Barry Goldwater in the presidential election as Republican candidate. Rodham joined Wellesley College in 1965 where she studied political science. At her early years in the collage she was the president of Wellesley Young Republicans but later dropped the position. She was later elected as the president of Wellesley Collage Government Association and maintained high standards in the collage which made it different from other collages. After collage she went to Yale Law School where she studied law where she worked with Yale Review of Law and Social Action on the editorial board. She hand interest in children and therefore most of her activities in the school aimed at helping children. She graduated in 1973 and continued with a postgraduate learning on children and medicine in Yale Child Study Center.

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Hillary Radhoma became a state secretary after Barack Obama took power of being the president of the United States. She also served as the Senator of the Senator of the United States in New York for eight years. Being Bill Clinton’s wife she was a First Lady for eight years when his husband was the president of the United States. Hillary Rodham started her fame in 1969 when she gave her national comments on her speech as a student at Wellesley College. She got married to Clinton in 1975 and after three years she became the first lady to preside over Legal Service Corporation. In 1979 she was the first female to partner at Rose Law Firm and ranked two times as the leading lawyers in the United States.

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Hillary Clinton was also a First Lady at Arkansas when Bill Clinton served as a governor for eleven years and during this time she enforced reforms on Arkansas’s education. She has worked as a director in a number of successive corporations like Wal-Mart. Between 1997 and 1999 she participated in the formation of State Children’s Health Insurance Program, Foster Care Independence Act and Adoption and Safe Families Act. In 2000 she became the first female from the United States to serve as a senator in New York. These also made her the only First Lady from America to have ever contested for a public seat. When she was a Senator she supported president’s Bush government as well as the Iraq War Resolution. She was against the government’s action on the war in Iraq and other household factors. She was elected back to office in 2006. In 2008 Hillary Clinton contested for presidential appointment and was highly supported but she was defeated by Barrack Obama on a small vote difference.

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Serving as a state secretary made her the only lady who worked on the president’s cabinet after being the First Lady. She has facilitated departmental improvement and efficiency in the United States and also enforcement of women empowerment programs globally. Hillary Clinton has set high standards in all offices she served and therefore a challenge to those who replaced her. She has also been representing the United States in many important events for example the military intervention in Libya.