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Regime Change in North Korea

North Korea has been run as a single party state for a very long time. This has is clearly evident through the centralized government that has been leading the country. Though not openly a single-party state, its system cannot measure the levels of democracy. This has been the basis of most of the misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding the governance of North Korea. The politics of North Korea have stirred the international community prompting the interventions by powerful states such as the United States of America. This intervention has been so great that the matter has even been tabled in the parliament of the United States of America.

Regime change refers to the change of governance from one form of leadership to another. This implies that the leaders in charge of a country subsequently change. Regime change is triggered by the fact that the prevailing leadership may lack support from its people. Regime change could also refer to the abandonment of the current form of governance to another. In reference to the North Korean issue, regime change implies the change of governance such that the system allows for more democracy among its citizens.  It means that the form of governance adopted by North Korean leaders would ensure that the country abandons dictatorship and communism.

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This far the North Korean government has laid emphasis o the intent of retaining its form of governance. This is based on the fact that it has continually enacted laws to the effect that the single-state governance stands. The latest move to this effect was the amendment made to the North Korean constitution in 2009. Subject to the ongoing debate that the country was being ran under communism policies, which contradicted the popular Marxism provisions, the constitution was amended such that those parts that are in support of the socialism and communism.

Famine in North Korea

North Korea suffered a lot of famine in the 1990s because of its adapted system of self reliance. This implied that the country was not reaching out to any other country in the worked in terms of its needs. As a result, this saw many of its citizens and households suffering. This regime that is persistent in North Korea up to is date is the reason for all the suffering that the North Korean people have to go through up to date. The adopted regime tended to drive away any foreign humanitarian relief from other countries around the world (Haggard, Noland & Sen, 2009)

One of the main concerns in regards to the aftermath of these policies that were implemented in North Korea was the fact that the country suffered a severe economic collapse. This saw the country suffering from great economic hardships including problems in the process of marketization. This military, which continues to run North Korea, has tried to cope with the stipulations of the current regime of North Korea to no avail. This has been the major step back that has seen the North Korean people suffering from famine up to today. This is given the fact that they continue to adapt a regime that supports the self-destructive foreign policy.

Famine in North Korea has raised eyebrows all over the world. This has prompted scholars to study the cause of the crisis within this country. For starters, it is clearly evident that the root cause of the problem that The North Korean people are facing is the regime that runs the country. This has been greatly attributed to the fact that the country continues to adapt policies that prevent the country to attain any foreign relief. This has had adverse effects on the North Korean people. As a result, the population of North Korea has continuously been pestered by this unending problem.  The problems of North Korea can be rooted from the regime that completely refuses to heed to the requirements of the political and economic reforms in order to benefit its people.

Human rights in North Korea

Human rights are protected by any constitution and this implies that each and every individual has a right to enjoy their human rights. This is irrespective of the condition that one may be in. The issue of Human rights in North Korea has stirred mixed responses over the years. This is because of the nature of the country such that it is entirely closed from the rest of the world. This form of seclusion has resulted in the country blocking out the possibility of studying the situation on the ground in regards to human rights throughout North Korea.

The current regime in North Korea has control over who enters the country. This is to the extent that when one finally manages to enter the country; they are monitored as to what they do while they are in the country. This has led to the continued abuse of human rights as the rest of the world has hardly had any breakthrough. The issues of the human rights have only become clearer through the confessions of defectors from the regime and refugees. On the other hand, the North Korean government remains firm on the grounds that it has taken in regards to the kind of treatment that its people are subjected to during their lives. Particularly, they are firm on the fact that the country has adopted a socialism system for its people and as such, the regime is confident that their actions in regards to their people conform to what the people of North Korea want.

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Extreme cases of abuse of human rights have reported from North Korea. Prisoners are especially subjected to torture and extreme hardships that do not conform to the stipulations of any human rights Act. This has led to the death many inmates who are detained in prisons around North Korea. These are cases of abuse of Human rights. Such cases ought to be dealt with so as to ensure that such scenarios become a thing of the past. However, it is evident that the current regime will not allow for North Koreans to enjoy their human rights.

In any setting, any country needs to ensure that its people derive maximum utility from the human rights that they poses. This is because they are entitled to such rights. Utilitarianism can also be described similarly as the definition of human right. It has been found that, human right is basically referred to as deep beliefs and feeling guarding or defending human throughout his activity. Feelings and beliefs are not from nowhere, they are there even during last decades and if these rights are at any chance ignored, they can cause great danger and harm in to the society. For instance, when the government is allowed to force orders on the society to permit some illegal trend such as killing of people.  It may be obvious that when someone is killed, it will be known that the government granted such orders so as the killing took place. Therefore, it is important for utilitarianism such that the society is defended against such cases when they occur. It also enhances human rights widely and firmly in to the society.

In some countries such as the United States of America, death sentence is still valid and in some places, parents are allowed to punish their children and many other vices against human right such owning slaves. In cases of human rights versus justice, it, generally, involves the relationship between traditional perspective and utilitarianism. This is such that utilitarianism mostly checks on reasons. This is so as to establish whether conventional rules of conduct are correct as per traditionalists in the taking of traditional moral values. This is because they have been raised and taught as per the rules throughout their life in the society. Conventional moral views do not automatically appear but they are introduced either through evolution or naturally. Cultures are classified as in the natural selection where cultures with significant moral values will spread to the society and become an important aspect simply because their values are of a better choice than different choices from other society (Choe, 1995).

Human rights should be respected. This implies that people should not derive their happiness from abusing human rights. This is because it is the democratic right of each individual to enjoy their individual space. Religion has been at the forefront in guarding human rights. However, there have huge rivalry due to the differences in the teachings of the three Abraham religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This has been due to the fact that each religion deems itself to be superior to the rest. In the end, this has over time resulted in wars that are never ending. This has all been done in a bid to maximize the happiness that the followers of each religion can derive. However, the resulting fights have only been an abuse to human rights. Therefore, it is important that each person exercises utilitarianism without disregarding the need to uphold human rights.

The issues of human rights in North Korea have attributed to the fact that the country continues to be led under dictatorship. It has been noted that the North Korean government virtually controls all the activities of the North Korean people. This implies that those who detest the rule of the current regime are detained. The media, including radio and television, have been controlled to the extent that they only broadcast those issues that ten to uplift the North Korean regime. This is an indication of lack of freedom of expression.

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Several organizations, including the United Nations, have been at the forefront in a bid to tackle the issues surrounding the deprivation of human rights in North Korea. However, all their attempts have remained futile. The United States of America also tried to intervene in the situation through the passage of North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004. The Act largely criticized the situation in North Korea and outlined the steps that the United States of America would take in order to deal with the persistent problem.

The vices of the North Korean government range from the lack of freedoms of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of movement. These civil injustices have continued to torture the citizens of the North Korea. This is all because of the reigning regime in the country. This is a clear indication that something needs to be done to deal with the situation on the ground.

Nukes in North Korea

North Korea has been at the forefront in the need to posses and manufacture nuclear weapons. However, just like countries such as Iran, it lacks the financial capacity required I order to participate in the manufacturing of the nuclear weapons. The lack of the necessary machinery implies that the pursuance of the production and manufacture of nuclear weapons could be detrimental to North Korea. This technology is referred to as the Uranium Enrichment Technology.

Uranium Enrichment Technology revolves around the production of nuclear weapons through the use of nuclear energy. North Korea has been at the forefront in pursuing the technology. This is in a bid to be able to produce nuclear weapons. This has not augured well with some of the powerful nations such as the United States of America. This was clear depicted by the former president, President George Bush. Former President George bush argued that this technology was not fit for countries that did not have the necessary facilities to enhance the entire cycle. This is because lack of the necessary facilities would result in the production of fissile materials for the nuclear weapons. In his proposal, the president offered an incentive to countries that would denounce their interest in the technology. This incentive was in the form of access to the nuclear fuel needed in these countries. The Bush government went as far as offering the Iran government guarantees of nuclear fuel supply that were entirely legal.

The North Korean government disputed these proposals. They said nothing would deter them from pursuing the Uranium Enrichment Technology. Their refusal was based on the provisions of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and IAEA Statute. The proposal put forward by the Bush Administration was in violation of the statutes. According to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, it was a violation of the treaty if any of the signatory parties acted in a way to suggest that they enhanced discrimination in the sharing of nuclear technologies. The treaty also stipulates that there should exist complete exchange of the necessary materials and equipment, technological and scientific information provided that the nuclear energy was to be used peacefully. The North Korean leaders’ refusal to agree with the proposal also clearly stated that the attempt by the Bush administration to bar them from pursuing the Uranium Enrichment Technology amounted to nuclear apartheid. This was because the world power was forcing North Korea to surrender its rights to pursue the nuclear technology. This was despite the fact that Iran had not been alienated by the stipulations of the treaty and agreements.

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Amidst these misunderstandings with the world power, North Korea still pursued the production of the nuclear weapon. The aftermath of the tests carried out was a tremor that is said to have led to loss of lives. This was a clear indication that the government of North Korea should have heeded to the advice that was being given by the Bush government. It is also a clear indication that the continued loss of life in North Korea revolves around the decisions arrived at by the dictatorial government of North Korea.

Nuclear energy is a necessity for all power plants all over the world. Therefore, it s extremely crucial that governments agree on how the nuclear technologies are going to be shared. The wrangles that seem to have been initiated by the Bush administration need to be dealt with before the situation gets out of hand. International cooperation is vital in order for peace to be maintained throughout the world. These disagreements on the facts on record as provided for in the Non-Proliferation Treaty have spurred certain fears among the countries that do not have the nuclear technologies. As a result, some countries that were not initially interested in the technology have started investing in the technology. This is because they are afraid that the world powers might come into an agreement such that they may end being blocked from accessing the nuclear technologies. This would especially affect these nations if such an agreement is enacted.

There are also suggestions that the world powers are less likely to create monopolies because they are widely unacceptable.  This would especially be the case if these world powers would result to the use of military power in order to ensure that they block the other countries from accessing the fuel cycle technologies. The developing countries are entirely opposed to the idea of entrusting the supply of nuclear energy to the United States of America or other world powers given the fact that they would need this energy in order to be in a position to run their power plants (Bishop,  Army War College (U.S.) & Strategic Studies Institute, 2005).

North Korean pursuit of the Uranium Enrichment Technology could be justifiable. This is because it has the legal right s to accomplish the project. Moreover, it has the materials that are required in order to achieve its goals in relation to the project. In regards to lack of the necessary equipments to complete the process, North Korea is safeguarded by the provision of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This is because the treaty allows for the effective and efficient sharing of the necessary equipments provided that the indulging nation does so peacefully. This implies that North Korea, being a signatory of the treaty, is acting within its collective rights by pursuing the Uranium Enrichment Technology.

The United States of America is may be at in regards to the issue of North Korea’s pursuit of Uranium Enrichment Technology. This is because it is acting against the provisions of the treaty. In addition to this, it is trying to use it power to discriminate against Iran and other developing countries. However, the impacts of the lack of the necessary equipments should also be put into consideration. This is because the right to life must be the utmost goal of anyone who seeks to pursue anything in life.


From the above analysis, it is evidently clear that there are a lot of things that ought to be changed in regards to the leadership in North Korea. This is because the utmost goal of any government should be to look out for the needs of its citizens. However, if the government of a particular country tends to behave in a manner contrary to the expectations of its citizens, actions must be taken.

In the case of North Korea, it is crystal clear that the regime that runs the country is the root cause of the entire problem that the country is facing. This creates the need for a change in the regime. Changing the regime implies that the incoming regime will have more respect for human rights and life. This implies that it will implement different policies to the effect that the country will stop practicing self-reliance. This will be extremely crucial in solving the problem of famine that continues in the country.

The issues of human rights would be highly pursued with a different regime. This implies that the North Korean people will be able to enjoy the freedoms and human rights that they are entitled to. A new regime would also ensure that the country stops practicing communism and instead follow Marxism which encourages capitalism.

The international cooperation has a huge role to play in ensuring that the reality of a regime change is achieved in South Korea. There is the need for the international cooperation in solving the issues surrounding North Korea. This is because there is also the need to maintain peace in the Peninsula while doing all that is necessary fro a regime change. After all, united we stand, divided we fall.