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Political Ideology of the Western World

Recapitulation of self-evident truths

Based on the slides presented in class, it can be noted that the democrats stand out from the rest making Obama as the most qualified candidate among the rest with the second choice in the person of Ron Paul. The question is to whom will the evident truth prevail; Obama being a democrat and the latter as a Republican? As seen on the statistics, it can be observed that about 50% favored classical liberals where Obama belonged and 24% for the moderate. However, mixed decisions or “crossover ideologies” appeared as represented by varied opinions which were as follows:


            •29% Blue

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            •24% Green

            •18% Purple

            •29% Red

The result also showed that the red was farthest (6%) which meant that they are against the principles of Fidel Castro for one as an example. Though with the 83% moderate results, this simply meant that liberalism exists in our country.

It is very apparent that based on ideological purity, both parties will never succeed because both have conflicting ideas though if you come to think about it, setting aside Ron Paul, other Republicans did not argued much on the presence of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The rich businessmen were required to give their tax cut for medicare and social security bond for the people. On the other hand, Ron Paul wanted a small Federal Government where most issues must be resolved between private individual of the state. The inconsistency is there when he claimed he was in favor of abortion and same sex marriage to be legalized where he views the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as not constitutional in a way.  Ron Paul is brutally frank and he is too inflexible in his decision making and they claim the Obama is too moderate and in fact the most liberal president in history. Ideological purity in religion which the two parties will surely agree but there are long conflicting ideas wherein both men will never meet at the same corner and agree in unity hence ideological purity will never be realized between the two. The Anarchist, the Authoritarian and the libertarian will have the final judgment as to who they are going to choose. People are divided in principle so let it be that way.

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On the other hand, Obama’s determined decision gave a positive feedback to the people with few critiques at hand. More so, his greatest achievement was the capture of Osama Bin Laden last May 1, 2011. This is a big plus for his candidacy for the next coming presidential election on year 2012.

There are consistencies that connect the two parties and one of them is the freedom of religion. As per gathered information, the Catholics, Jewish people and the Southern Protestants were pro democrats while the Northeastern Protestants were pro republicans. It can be observed that great American leaders mostly came from the Republican Party like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and George Bush notwithstanding a great number of republicans with ranks in the House of Representatives in the Senate. Ron Paul is also a Republican with astounding record of leadership with his kin following his footsteps behind him. Though with the advent of new technology which had developed many conflicting ideas and innovations on the existing laws which had sent never ending debates to the two powerful parties not to mention the lesser concerned parties; only shows that such are not the perfect solution to make the United States a great nation.

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Based on the 2004 statistics, there are about 55 million Republicans, 72 million Democrats and 42 million Independents. This simply means that the Republicans should exert more effort to win the sympathy of these 42 million Independent voters to win over the Democrats on the next presidential election. The evident truth’s decision will always prevail.