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Golis Case Analysis

In the world today, there are many people who are going through challenging times because of the enslaving traditions and cultures to which the tightly cling. Culture is a people's way of life and it includes values, morals, beliefs, language, artifacts and behaviors of a certain group of people. Every community has its own unique culture that guides its operations. Nonetheless, cultural beliefs have certain drawbacks on human life depending on the various circumstances.

In the case of Goli, it is really hurting to hear that she is not free to seek help because of a mere fact that she is a woman. As a young woman that is faced with harsh economic conditions, she is capable of looking for a job or other ways of generating income for the family. It is amazing hear that the husband and the family cannot approve of her attempts to rescue the family from the hard situation (Sedghi, 2007). This culture sounds barbaric and enslaving as it does not have the people's interests at heart. To me, any culture that does not consider the people's welfare is unworthy to be embraced by any community.

People born in a community automatically subscribe to its way of life. Therefore, whether the culture is oppressive, discriminative or exploitative, the individual will be contended with it. In this case, Goli is an Iranian woman; that is Iran is her native home. Therefore, she is obliged to go by the cultural requirements regardless of the situation at hand.

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If I was an Iranian, I would definitely hold different views from these because I could be part of the culture. Certain blinding values would have been instilled in me such that I would have similar opinions as Goli's husband and family. Therefore, my perspective on the case would change because of the culture. Therefore, an individual's views on such cases depend on his or her descent.

Goli's situation is understandable since she is an Iranian. The fact that she feels unsafe in the case management unit is caused by the cultural beliefs of the Iranian society. Goli is probably feeling guilty of going betraying her culture, husband and the family by coming to the management case unit today. Therefore, I would categorize her as an innocent member of the Iranian society that has no choice but go against the traditions in order to rid the family of poverty.

Additionally, Goli is a revolutionary individual who can change the world if only she can access adequate support from relevant authorities. Since she is bold and optimistic, I would gladly help her out of her problems regardless of the opposition from her community (Summers, 2011). I have therefore made up my mind to help her because I want her to save the family form poverty. My decision is also based on my interest in empowering the Iranian women, even though; it will take long to succeed.

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Helping Goli is aimed at encouraging other suffering women and families adjust their cultural beliefs and come out boldly to seek help. It is also imperative that people learn to share their family issues in an attempt to get solutions. Helping Goli will greatly solve many other hidden family problems in the Iranian society. However, there are many obstacles to solving these problems, such, opposition form the society and security issues.

One on listens to Goli's story, there are certain feelings and anxieties that run through his or her mind. For instance, in the process of listening to her story, I am bitter about her husband, the family, and the whole society for holding on to such barbaric cultural beliefs. It is amazing to realize how the society values their traditions at the expense of one's freedom and welfare. In addition, the fact the fact that Goli has risked to come consult us is a bold step that makes me pity and resolve to help her.

However, I am anxious of helping because of the possible consequences of my actions in the society. A question about how the family and the husband react when upon realizing her coming to the management case unit is lingering in my mind. Moreover, I am anxious to meet the husband and ask him a few questions on the issue. Nevertheless, I am uncertain that the woman is saying the truth about her husband beliefs. Another uncertainty is that the lady could be punished or banned from the community for betraying its culture (Summers, 2011). There is also a possibility of the family break up because of the Goli's move.

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I believe I can work Goli and her throughout her problems. However, I have to be sure that her claims are true and that she is determined and committed to helping her family. One of the ways of helping the lady is by advising her on the importance of the family and finding out her alternatives of generating income for the family. More so, it will be imperative that the woman is trained on certain skills so as to get employed in one of the companies in the country.

A decision to refer Goli to another agency or person demonstrates incompetence in our work. This could also make us look like we are being insensitive to her situation. It will also show lack of respect for other people's culture.

Imperatively, Goli should be advised on what to do in our management unit so as to enable her provide for the family. It is not fair to refer a client to another agency, especially when he or she had a lot of confidence and faith in the organization. Therefore, there is no way I can refer Goli to someone else if I can help because doing so will worsen the situation.

This case study has been so instrumental in assessing my case analysis skills. Through it, I have been able to know my values, views on certain cultures and other aspects of life. It is through this case that I have learned about the Iranian culture to which Goli belongs. It is amazing to learn that the Islamic religion, which covers almost 90% of Iran. The case has made me realize the place of women in the Iranian society, especially in aspects of life like education, family and employment (Sedghi, 2007).

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I also found out that I do not tolerate any culture that tries to oppress, exploit, or enslave a certain section of the society. Goli's case has made me realize that I am capable of doing my best to free such individuals from the society. What is more, I have noticed that I have a determination to change the society from the traditional way of life to the modern, depending on the situation at hand. More so, it is important to respect other people's values and help them even if I do not agree with them (Summers, 2011).

However, there are certain areas that I need to improve in order to be more competent in the field (summers, 2011). One of them is familiarity with many cultures across the globe. I also need to work on my decision making skills so as to be able to make quick but appropriate decisions. Additionally, it is essential that I improve listening skills so as to understand my clients and serve them effectively. It is also important to work on my emotions while handling emotions so as to maintain confidence in me.