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Pepsi Cola


It is a statutory requirement that all the registered companies should submit annual report to the government along with the SEC files so as to be able to keep track of the organizations in the country. The administration uses these documents so as to collect taxes that are used to fund the nation’s utility. The SEC filings are made readily available to the civic so that investors willing to make investments in the company can use the documents to make the decision. The company Pepsi cola is one of such companies that has benefited from the investors who have approved their earnings and want to join it. The company aims at ensuring a healthy future through better and safer products and this combined with their variety of products has increased their sales. It is a profitable company with a good reputation. The company is committed to ethical business practices that may lead to extra costs but the company is committed to achieving its targets to ensure that the customers are well served to ensure that they become loyal to the company. Loyal customers are good for business and also become investors to a brighter future for the company.

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The main reason why the public invests and from the financial reports described above, Pepsi cola has been ensuring that the investors are constantly happy. The company has followed ethical procedure I it production processes to ensure that the environment and the workers working in the factories are protected. With the earnings per share of the company always positive, the company has tried much to ensure the investors want to purchase their shares. The way in which the organization has tried to guarantee that the ethics that are set by the government are met is explained in details in the reports. SEC regulations need to be followed well by the organization, this is why the reports has the various ways in which Pepsi cola has used to ensure that all the sec regulations are met. The reports contain ratios that show the liquidity of the company, these ratios are useful to determine the financial strength of the business. Pepsi cola trends when this ratios are considered show that the business is in a strong financial position. The company is capable of making profits regardless of the financial crisis hitting the state couples with the competitor producing the same line of products.