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Apple Business Analysis

The multinational corporation Apple Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, California. It deals with a wide variety of products and services including computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and digital distributions.

Vision and Mission Statement

According to Hoovers (2011), Apple Inc mission and vision statement “is to be a revolutionary in defining the future of mobile, media and computing device”. To achieve its mission and vision statement the company has been a market leader continually innovating and launching new technology into the market.

External Assessment

According to Bajarin (2009), Apple Inc pioneered the market with its major rivals being Hewlett Packard in the hardware, software and digital product market. In the user interface market companies such as Google Inc, Amazon and Real Networks are using content and accessibility to consumers to counter Apple Inc leadership in the market. Threat of new entrants is mitigated by the huge investment required in the industry.

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Intensive Strategy

Apple Inc focuses on providing its consumers with well engineered products at a slightly higher price than its competitors. It also uses authentic advertisement to create awareness for its wide range of products and services. This has helped the corporation to build a huge customer base of loyal consumers. Apple Inc has a competent team of employees in charge of innovating and designing the corporation’s products and services.

SWOT Analysis

The corporation’s strengths include its ability to be a market innovator. Its weaknesses include the company’s inability to develop programs that ensure proper disposal of its non-recyclable hardware products. The company has major opportunities in the technology market and its threats are its competitor’s ability to re-launch its innovations as their own.

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Apple Inc has been able to maintain market leadership over the years. However the corporate should adopt an exclusive market strategy that will ensure it is more accessible to its customers.