Free «The Corporation» Essay Sample

The Corporation
  1. The public has no control of the freedom given to the corporation which is one of the institutions that has the biggest control of humanity; yet, it level of honest is very low. The corporation is up to making profits with less concern about the citizens; therefore, it is viewed like a monster; no one not even the lecturers of business can give its definition. The definition the law gives to this question spurs the corporation to act in great evils like a bulldozer without caring much about the effect of its ambitions. The government has greater power than the corporation and however much the people are hurt they still have an opportunity to intervene the situation. This will most certainly be a slow gradual process due to the big distraction, but it is the only way to rescue the people.
  2. As the management continues getting rewarded they have it in their minds that they are being encouraged, hence they continue to pursue their ambitions most of which are to their own benefits. In order to change this trend the rest of the employees should work as a team.
  3. Providing the employees with ethical training of, for example, honesty so as to reduce the level of theft cases from the accounts that is very rampart. Again technology has advanced and this training can be conducted via the web and also the reporting of dishonest cases should be conducted through the web.
  4. A few cases are present of individual who are different from the institutions in which they work. Individuals are different because some start well in the institutions when they are employed and with the environment of dishonest they interact with, slowly they are influenced to become like the institution. As a single individual it is very difficult to voice such cases because the rest of the institution will be against the views. Change of institutions is only possible if the top management is working to ensure the institution remains right ethically.
  5. It is not a conflict of interest because the individuals who work in these corporations are part of the inputs that keep them aiming for a higher benefit. The corporations should determine the upright social behavior because it will cut down on the losses they have to incur and even reduce on the expenses to follow up the honest level of, for example, their accounts. Every individual involved with the corporation in any way should also get involved with determination of socially responsible behavior. These will include the government, employers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders in these institutions.
  6. The natural resources are owned by the nation in which they are located; the government should only be viewed as an institution put in place to represent the citizens in the management and control of these resources. The decision about ownership is controversial because in as much as citizens own these resources the governments have conferred to themselves power to do what they please with these resources. On the other hand, the government is controlled by the rich institutions, and the two collude to own up the resources; the government is no longer a representation of the people, but individuals who own the country.
  7. As long as the major target of the corporation is profit and not to benefit the countries where they are located, the result will always be the same as that in the film. This can only change if the focus is changed from business topping the list of the richest. Finance department also are in the same target of getting rich by stealing from their employers.
  8. The biggest problem with corporations is the level of dishonest pointed out by the then United States of America president George W Bush. Corporation not revealing all their assets, and this is because most of them conduct illegal businesses behind the backs of the law. The government should be strict on corporation revealing their assets to reduce the level of dishonest in this sector.