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Gifted Students

During the school years, we can notice that teachers usually pay attention to so called "gifted students." Nowadays, our school system is looking for an untypical way of thinking, creative solutions to pressing problems, and interesting decisions. However, it should be mentioned that less than a half of students meet such requirements. The rest just stays indifferent to a school life, the process of studying and other events. At the same time, we can notice a special group of passionate learners who are keen on studying. They are always favorite students of the majority of teachers. What is a particular feature of their atypicality? In what area does it underlie? Obviously, this vital issue concerns their behavior.

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In fact, such students are more shy, sensitive, and concentrated. It seems that they are more likely to pass their free time in an imaginary world than in the real one. These learners find it difficult to communicate with their peers or even older people; instead, they prefer reading or watching some educational programs instead.

The numerous studies have created different myths about students whose capacities and abilities are stronger than we used to see in ordinary learners. Thus, it is reasonable to consider the report provided by National Association for Gifted Children (2009) as it is significant to our topic of discussion since it reveals the main stereotypes about gifted students. According to this report, cute learners have had a mode of living that engenders some misunderstandings concerning the actual state of things. Moreover, we regard the gifted students and the features that make them “special” in a wrong way. Some parents believe that their talented children could promote a favorable working atmosphere in the classroom and, in that way, they could encourage others to work harder. However, the fact is that "gifted students" who always know the subject the best can make other students feel silly or even depressed. The next point that may be perceived wrong is that gifted students do not need any help and can deal with a great amount of information themselves. Without doubt, such learners have the effective time-management skills and organizational abilities, but they also need some support from their trainers. Such step could lift their spirit and improve the effectiveness of their working process.

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As we can admit, most of the things that seem to be right for us sometimes can be wrong. The similar problem happens to some learners who differ from the majority of students. Such atypicality deals not only with the way they used to behave but with the way we used to appreciate them. We have become accustomed to see them weird, unordinary, and “too smart”. Unfortunately, it is no longer the truth. We should realize the importance of such students.

The recent works dedicated to this problem have created special programs for teachers that find it complicated to face the students who need a special approach and a well-prepared method of learning that could ameliorate their present state of knowledge. Needless to say, gifted students demand more time and devotion from their instructors than the ordinary ones. Moreover, if a teacher tries to hide or minimize the talent of a gifted learner in order to make everyone in the class equal, it worsens the capacities of a teenager that has his independent way of thinking. In other words, we could easily lose a future Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison.

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From my point of view, every teacher should work to develop the potential of his/her students. According to Practical Recommendations and Interventions for Gifted Students (2013) that deal with the relevant issues of the contemporary society and show the importance of the right treatment of gifted children, the most of the teachers should be conscious of the way they work with their students. It is more likely to create a list of activities in the class that both of the groups are interested in. What is more, the teachers are expected to provide their own curriculum system that could promote the effectiveness of a gifted student's studying process. By encouraging them and setting individual goals, they can also gain success.

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To sum up, it should be outlined that the majority of teenagers feel lonely and isolated from the society. The gifted students, who are more vulnerable to some kinds of stress, are believed to behave in a strange manner. If we want to help them to become an integral part of our community, we should treat them rightly and comprehend the fact that they are similar to us. It is necessary to realize that any differences or atypicalities are just in our minds because all of us belong to humankind.