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English language is the world’s official language of communication. It is one of the most widespread international languages, based on the notion that English is the world’s predominant language of distributing information, trade, and diplomacy. Its essence cannot be emphasized, even though students’ performance in the language arts still poses problems to the teachers. It therefore gives enough reasons to look at the factors that affect performance of black students in the language arts. It will also include motivating of students, their parents, teachers, and other stakeholders towards getting good results in English arts. Language arts include speaking, listening, writing, reading, viewing, and visual representation.

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Foundation in language arts is the most important in students. It is strongly attached to the parents and teachers who are responsible for bringing up black students. It will involve bringing up children to students, who are free from ethnicity and racism. Black students also learn more from the teachers; teachers should be self-controlled (Bishop 1989).


How does ethnicity affect the performance of black students in language arts? Different people come from different backgrounds and speak different languages. Black students come from different backgrounds, which have their own native languages, and English is not their primary language. It makes the students start learning language arts in school. Some may come to school with some knowledge of language arts but their language is a mixed language from streets, they have experience from different backgrounds. That is why their experience may not be applicable in the school concerning language arts. Separation and grouping also have a big effect on black students, because when all students stay together and do everything together, they learn a lot since the easiest way to learn language arts is through spoken language. It is the time black students learn language arts.

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Social and economic challenges also contribute to poor performance because students have no access to computers, learning charts, and other language arts’ materials (Marjoribanks, 1970). Social wise, they may not have travelled and interacted with others beyond their neighborhoods. It makes them disadvantaged to other things because they have no exposure to animals, places and people. If to compare them to white students, the latter have experience, materials that they can read and listen to, and available materials are more relevant. It amounts to the background, which is the most important in language arts. In schools, teachers should not separate black students from other students. They should study in one classroom and also mix with others when it comes to class arrangements.

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Teachers may not have an ethnicity in their mind but when favoritism becomes obvious, that is when it can be seen as ethnicity. Teachers should treat all students equally and give them the same opportunities. Teachers should come up with ‘anti-racist’ rules, which will make the racists avoid intimidating their colleagues. The reported has indicated that even though teachers fight ethnicity and racism in schools, there is a conflict among teachers with deferent backgrounds. Teachers should stop it because they are educated to go about ethnicity. They will fight ethnicity and racism if they are not affected. Black students might also find no reason to study if teachers are racists. Language differences make it difficult in doing schoolwork. There are many differences in language. For example, pronunciation, accent, and the way they write different words; all these factors have posed difficulties in black students. Language barrier also contributes to poor performance.

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Students’ perception of teachers’ effectiveness

Students always apprehend a subject according to their perception on how they are being taught by their teacher (Marjoribanks, 1970). They develop their attitude towards teachers. It is true that every student has his favorite teacher. As a result of it, that particular teacher teaches the student’s favorite subject or that student likes the way the teacher teaches. It may be true that some teachers also have favorites or like some bright students or those who are not bright but are hardworking and show effort in class. Unfortunately, sometimes black students develop negative perception of the language arts’ teacher, because when such a student develops negative perception towards teacher, it is very difficult to understand what that teacher is teaching. Teachers’ labeling of black students and giving them nicknames makes them develop negative attitude towards these teachers and their subjects. Students should be corrected and punished when they make a mistake. The way teachers correct their students also contributes to how students perceive the subject. It will have an impact on the performance of the subject.

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Student’s response also motivates the teacher and makes learning the English arts an enjoyable activity. At the same time, cold response will make teachers not deliver their best. No one knows what happens in class except of a teacher and the students (Bowen, Chingos, McPherson, 2009). Thus, both parties know how they relate. It is up to the teacher to change perception of black students of him or her, because the teacher is well educated and knows how to go by such a situation. The teacher is the one who assess the students. He or she knows the weakness of each and every student, including black students. The main solution may be found by the teachers concerning academic performance in English arts. Teachers and parents should encourage black students on how to solve the problems affecting them, both at home and school. Parents should control the type of friends black students have and also make sure that their timetable at home has English arts. It will encourage the studying habits of students. Teachers should check on the instruction being given to the students, and make improvement in the instruction. For example, English arts is learned at the time when concentration of the student is low. It means that the lesson should be shifted to the time when student’s concentration is very high; for instance, to the morning.

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