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Personal Statement: Making Personal Analysis

Making personal analysis is always a difficult task because one has to step aside and try to evaluate his/her traits of character and history of life through the prism of his/her experience and general understanding of virtues. However, it is an efficient way to explore the personality and determine the necessary points for the further development. Thus, in this paper, I will try to characterize myself as a reliable person, as I can take the responsibility for my actions and, at the same time, not to forget about other individuals. Moreover, I assume myself to be motivated because I endeavor to seek for the sense in everything I do. Therefore, I like to persuade others and be a leader. In addition to that, as every person, I am a product of humans’ culture in the global and national dimensions. Further, I am going to expand on these themes.

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As well as every person, I have faced a lot of challenges and, at the same time, experienced triumphs. My first victory was an achievement of an excellent mark at school. It was important for me because since my childhood till graduation parents had been telling me about the necessity to be a multifaceted individual with a good education. Thus, I tried to do my best so as to show my will to be active and intelligent and, at the same time, to make my parents happy and proud of me. Such strategy of making everything qualitatively and completely I have been using throughout my life.

In addition to that, an important victory for me was the understanding that I am an independent personality, who does not need support and love of a great number of other people, who may be jealous of my achievements. That means that I feel confident with no regards to others. Such a strong position is a result of the overcome obstacles on my way connected with the dramas of mutual understanding and love. I have gone through the challenges due to the support of my family and, at the same time, with the help of philosophical outlook. In my opinion, the best remedy is existential philosophy, which stresses the significance of personal freedom and dignity. Such attitude helps me to accept the life as it is even if I cannot change anything and, at the same time, be active so as to attain what is possible and realize the opportunities that life brings. For example, I have ambitions to attend the university and work further there because I strongly believe that I can apply my skills and talents there. In particular, I would like to choose a profession of chemistry tutor or engineering lecturer. I know that I am free to decide what to do, and thus, I am responsible for my decision. Therefore, I have to make efforts so as to achieve this goal.

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From my life instances, I can conclude that I possess strong leadership qualities. My experience of being a leader has shaped my personality because it made me more confident and independent and, at the same time, ensured me that organization is a key to success. At school and college, I have been selected to be the leader of the various group projects. However, being a leader does not mean only an administrative status, but primarily the attitude of others, who accept one’s authority. I have inspired a few activities moves with a purpose to help homeless animals: to give them food and find a shelter outside or in new families. I love animals, and thus, I felt that it would not be difficult for me to find like-minded people, who can gather together with the common goal. Due to my organization, people appreciated me as the leader.

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In addition to that, notwithstanding my age, I often take the leadership position in my family because of my will to improve the living conditions and enrich our leisure. I know that my parents do not like to take the responsibility and spend time thinking about mutual free time. Thus, I always do it by myself because I know that it is important for the family to be together and constantly develop the relationships so as to realize the values of love and mutual support.

As a social creature, I understand that I am a part of the particular culture that influences my outlook. However, nowadays, we are living in the globalized world, which has become more democratic and individualistic allowing people to choose what they feel is more appropriate for them. Thus, I am not the product of only one culture. My national religion and outlook have made me a family person, who venerates traditions and possesses a strong will to create the atmosphere of mutual support and love in the family. However, I do not feel the belonging to the religion of my homeland because I consider one religion to be too narrow to shape the outlook of a modern individual. I understand that the doctrine of one religion is not enough to make me a wise person with a wide experience. Thus, I find wisdom in various conceptions and try to create my view based on the intellectual and practical experience.

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To sum up, my personality is controversial, and it is hard to systematize its characteristics. However, I have endeavored to accomplish this task considering my victories, challenges, means of struggle with the obstacles, leadership qualities, and culture influence. This productive activity helped me to understand myself better and outline the ways of further self-development.