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There comes a time in life, when the choice you make not only alters your way of living, but defines who you really are. For me that moment came as early as at the age of ten, when once and for all I felt my profound difference from other children. The reason why I thought I was different may seem obvious as I come from a working-class immigrant family, but it is more deeply rooted. It was at that age that I realized my desire to make my life count. Curious but pragmatic, even then I did not believe in a one-man mission of changing the world. What I did believe was a goal that, once set, gives you the energy to move forward regardless of obstacles. It took much time and effort to establish my ultimate goal of working in the field that I am passionate about, in the field of software.

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What has always fascinated me beyond measure is technology. Assembling and disassembling all electronic devices at my disposal was the most enjoyable pastime for me. I still recall the first AM radio circuitry I made without batteries. I became ecstatic at my accomplishment and wanted nothing more than wires, transistors, resistors, capacitors and batteries to entice me. However, as time progressed, my interests transitioned to software after my first encounter with Windows 98.

The first computer program I learned was Microsoft DOS, which was vital for dealing with problems that Windows 98 was prone to. Despite its robust graphic user interface, the operating system was susceptible to file corruption and viruses, obligating users to do a clean installation. To this day, DOS command system remains indispensable for working with Windows, as it is completely based on it.

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The more I delved into the field of software, the more absorbed I became. Over the course of time, my hunger for DOS shifted to HTML and web designing. However, the thought of the binary digit and computations done by the processor to execute the commands and to aid the visibility of graphic user interface lingered on my mind. As a brain workout, I used to brainstorm ideas that could provide more value and substantial experience to the user.

The tipping point in my understanding that majoring in computer science is the way to go was calculus classes. Knowledge acquired during the course of these classes prodded me to realize that the logic of mathematical rules is really intriguing to me. The caliber of mathematical computations that I was to work with in my academic endeavors has played a vital role in my choice of major.

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From that moment on, everything I undertook was regarded through the lens of achieving my goal. Having graduated from high school in 2013, I have taken more than 12 credit hours of courses after my initial semester at Wright College. However, reaching an ambitious goal requires overcoming difficulties and making sacrifices. The challenge I faced was combining my studies with full-time work in an effort to help out my family. I did not always manage to be as successful as I wanted to. As a result, my GPA is 3.28. I understand that my academic standing might lean onto the lower end of the spectrum, but my plan for fall 2014 is to quit work and dedicate my time to boosting up my GPA beyond the 3.5 line. As a prospective transfer student, upon completing the fall semester, I will have 60 credit hours including all required calculus and chemistry courses. However, I will be shy of two additional physics courses, which I plan to complete at UIUC. If the admission committee is unsatisfied with my academic record, I am willing to request for a contingent admission.

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As for my reasons for choosing UIUC, they are rather simple. UIUC is a university with a rigorous curriculum, experienced and professional staff as well as well-respected computer science programs. As appealing as becoming UIUC alumni sounds, I want to gain more than just a degree. I know that at UIUC I will get the indispensable tools I need to achieve my personal American dream – to become a true professional in the field that fascinates me. If given the opportunity, I will not let down those who believe in me.