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Considering the Present

Throughout the life, we are faced with significant events that have a strong positive impact on our lives. In the paper, I will describe two main experiences relating to my family and my military employment and their relations with online learning. I will also discuss how these learning experiences were influenced by the Bronfenbernner’s microsystem and mesostyem, and how I could apply the experiences to online learning. I selected the experiences on my family and military employment because of their positive impacts on my online academic growth and performance.

Family Experience

When I was younger, I was not able to understand how the online learning processes worked. However, the birth of my little brother gave me some inspiration to put more efforts in online learning.  I remember I used to beg my mother to find a little brother or a sister for me.  However, I would have preferred a little brother to play with when I was feeling lonely.  When I was six years old, my mother came home with my little brother.  Considering how young I was, I did not have much say on the case.

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I was very happy to have a younger brother. Most importantly, the experience improved my online learning as I often searched the internet to learn how to make babies happy. I learned various ways on how a baby can be looked after, what the best toys for him are, and other important information on baby care. Thus, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of online learning processes. As I grew, I was able to understand the online systems and I worked very hard due to the sense of responsibility for my little brother.


The feeling of having a family and a brother was relevant in my growing desire for online learning.  My personal experience with my little brother and school colleagues is illustrated by Bronfenbernner’s model. My brother’s presence was able to shape my focus and learning in order to gain relevant academic knowledge and skills. I learned how to became responsible and help others as I helped my mothers with feeding my little brother. As a result, the experiences triggered a change of attitude and perceptions about the online learning programs.

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Military Employment

In understanding my work experience, I was able to join the military after completing my high education. During the period, I was eager to move forward, but I was not ready to go to the college. Being born in a military family, I was delighted to join the military. I had made my ultimate decision to take up a challenge at the military. I felt that it was the right decision for my personal growth. Most of the military work required some online skills and thus, I had to improve them. The military programs had personnel who taught me different online techniques. By handling online duties and responsibilities, I was able to understand influence of pressure and stress (Clark & Caffarella, 2011). In addition, I learned how to be responsible and accountable in my life.  I felt that I was able to stand on my own if I was sure of the right choices I made. Both the events that I have selected had influence in defining and shaping me in a new course (Hoare, 2006). Both events showed me that I could be a good and responsible person.

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Mesosystem identifies the continuous social interactions with different groups within a certain microsystem. I was able to interact with my military colleagues and commanders while sending my online-completed duties and responsibilities. The mesosystem offers a better behavioral expectation that confirms to the expected life experiences. According to Hoare (2006), online learning helps to serve vulnerable populations including teenagers who lack life experience and understanding. Most of the researches conducted by various departments and institutions are posted in the internet (Drago-Severson, 2004). Children should endeavor to use the findings in transforming their lives. For instance, the online materials may offer helpful direction on the career choice.

The model also appreciates the presence of stress and pressure in the lives of children. Stress is important in creating a good foundation for further development. The experience offeres an adequate knowledge in promoting positive behaviors towards different life experiences. The positive reinforcement increases the rate of learning (Hoare, 2006). The Bronfenbrenner’s rings were created through different stages to maximize opportunities and minimize stress. Thus, it creates the ability to handle life challenges and new situations. The five senses must be involved in accelerated learning. The two life events involved one or more of the senses to internalize the information for positive behavioral change (Drago-Severson, 2004). The experience was amazing, since I personally have learned how to perform tasks within the shortest time possible as well as enhanced the quality of my work.

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In conclusion, the two experiences show people need to learn  online skills in order to promote their ability to use online learning. Even though online learning strategies may not be taught, personal experiences, including family experience and military employment, may trigger some online learning desires. The two experiences made me appreciate the significance of online learning. Today, most young children are always on internet for social interactions and sharing. The situation implies that online learning materials are appropriate in supporting a positive behavioral change among young children. I have gained significant skills and knowledge from my personal experiences and the ecological frameworks of adult development. They will support the reinforcement of positive actions to promote online academic performance and success.