Free «My Second Day in Metropolitan Ministries» Essay Sample

My Second Day in Metropolitan Ministries

Metropolitan Ministries is one of the most effective organizations that serves poor and homeless people. Serving great number of families daily, the organization remains committed to changing the miserable life conditions of the poor. Metropolitan Ministries provides people with different facilities ranging from a residence day care and a full-service kitchen to an elementary school and various training opportunities for adults. Being a volunteer to Metropolitan Ministries, I have received a wonderful experience working there. I have found out that this organization cares for people in need of home and food and attempts to transform their lives and relieve sufferings. I was sure that my assistance can benefit families in what they need. Therefore, my volunteer work in Metropolitan Ministries was for me not only a good experience, but also an instructive life lesson that influenced my attitude towards the outworld.

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It was a pleasure for me to assist this organization in its mission to provide help to people within the community. Working as a volunteer, I have saw the influence the organization has on many people. On September 7, 2014, I spent my morning shift in the kitchen from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM. I became convinced that Metropolitan Ministries was an extremely well-organized place – I was supposed to wear an apron and gloves in order to provide people with an appropriate service. In addition, all products were on their places, and each type of product had its separate section. My job was to help the chef in preparation of food like sandwiches as well as accommodation of the countless number of eggs in trays. The chief was a proficient and capable person who knew his job and did it quickly. Thus, I enjoyed my time at Metropolitan Ministries working with such a skillful person. Although assisting at the morning kitchen was not an easy task, it became a pretty challenging experience to me that helped me to see what a difference I could make in human life. Moreover, I admired working with the staff and other volunteers who were open and sympathetic people.

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Metropolitan Ministries is a good organization that pays attention to the smallest details. Therefore, cleanliness and sterility are of the first priority to them. During my volunteer day, I had to maintain cleanliness on the kitchen. Despite the grueling schedule and fast pace of work, I liked volunteering in Metropolitan Ministries. Strict guidance of the chef and fulfilling different orders had not leave me any free minutes. Nevertheless, such pressure of work made me aware that my volunteering was really important to those in the community who could not necessarily do that themselves. Thereby, this experience has taught me to be disciplined and concentrated on the work I have to do. Moreover, I am very grateful to Metropolitan Ministries for giving me the opportunity to work there and thus serve others.

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Additionally, Metropolitan Ministries is a remarkable organization that helps people in many different ways. My volunteer work was a great time for me as I served people in the community who were hungry and provided them with meals and thus positive feeling and hope. To my mind, Metropolitan Ministries is a blessing place for people who are in need, and acknowledgment that I have participated in it makes me feel proud of myself. My experience at Metropolitan Ministries was amazing, because it has helped not only homeless and poor people, but also me. I have realized that not all people in the world are lucky to have a roof above their heads or enjoy a warm dinner. Thus, the duty of every person who is more fortunate in life to help others.